Saturday, March 2, 2024

When I was a Child, I Loved to Swing, Now, Not so Much

 The eyes have it, Lynsey, age 15; Grandma, age 76.

The visit:

.Well, anyway, Friday and Saturday a visit from Lynsey gave me a great lift.  Just one or two spats when she dressed for a  nice dinner in a tight orange top, ending just below her breasts, revealing a sparkly navel rhinestone piercing....Oh, dear.  I asked her to change, she changed alright.....into a volcano of resentment toward this old grandma from the 80's????   hmmm, I wish......Other than that, we had a lovely visit...Great talks, great food, she helped me so much....BUT, she did win the canasta game.. Lynsey took both these pix above of the Christmas Amaryllis from Trader Joe's.  She  liked them both, so I am showing them both.  I had three plants...only one performed this well.

We have a terrific bus driver here, Tony.  He helps me so much...When I go out, I am made by PT to use a walker...It annoys me no end. 
My poor ego is shattered....I mean really????  !!!
Tony tells me that I am still OK and should not fall, etc. He is an avid golfer...thus the new potholder I made for him last night to say "Thank You".  Above is the front; Below, the backing.

More potholders:
A perfect backing for the ladies above....

Too many projects....Below the wonky stars....two the wrong size and one the right size.
And how in the world did that happen?????  I must be losing it....

Maybe losing it, but still having quilty fun xo
(Lynsey changed her shirt)
(Grandma uses a pretty cane when no one is looking.)

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Lovely blocks, lovely flowers. Glad you got to spend time with Lyndsey!