Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Grandma O'Quilt Wins....Pearl Loses

Well now...a no good, terrible day started in arthritic 
pain, staying in bed, which made it worse. Of course being in my head is being in such a bad neighborhood!!
At last, up at noon for a walk and it was raining.
I could not get a grip.  Finally with a bit of help from friends and the universe, I went outside in the wind tonight.
I breathed deeply with GUS....Great Universal Spirit.  
I love the wind, as Charlotte has very  little of it. Tonight, Pearl blew away in the beauty of this tree and the realization that I was not in control. Such a relief.
You see, I was so into self that I was even annoyed that a picture of me looked just like my grandmother at my age.  Reality is not my strong suit.

Below:  Goodbye mustard, Hello blue!!  My artistic sister has great color sense...She helped me see the error of my safety net.

 I even finished two wonky blocks from Blue Elephant Stitches

Here, we have Linda at Quilt Con, admiring the YMCA T-shirt quilt by Mac Barnes
Such a delight. Only 20% of Quilt Con entries were accepted, making things even more awesome for our Mac Barnes.
Tell me  how lucky I am to be on the recipient end of the work of artist, Linda Swanekamp.
The month of February is a month of love  and kindness.
More love for grateful me: a pair of quilty handmade earrings from Sally Catoe!!

Lastly a funny:  Lynsey at 15 sent me this text last night.
Grandma, I found you on Google so you must be famous.  Why did you not ever tell me????
This is a picture from 1978 as my man and I recieved our graduate degree diplomas...
Crazy  that Lynsey found this yesterday....Famous???  Right!!!!


Cherie Moore said...

Hey, Mac attends Washington University in St Louis! I work there, except at the medical school campus. So exciting for him to get into Quilt Con!

Michele Bilyeu said...

You were adorable then and you're adorable now that the pity party Pearl scadaddled out of your fabulous adventure home! But yes, claim your fame woman!! 🥰

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I am sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you are feeling better now. The qilt looks wonderful with the blue. Beautiful photo of a fabulously famous woman. Definitely claim your fame! A lot of older yearbooks are now being scanned so all your hidden secrets are going to come out and you are going to get more and more famous as time goes on.