Tuesday, April 2, 2024

An Attitude Adjustment

Thank you Dylan for underplanting tulips in the fall..and thank you Lisa for the stunning Columbine plant.

My son has been missing for a year and a half  now..I have had no  idea where he was.  I still have no idea, but he did call two nights ago.
So grateful to know he is still alive.  I shared the family news and that we all love him so much.
It is all so hard.

Our Aoife getting into the St Paddy's Day tea.

I think that Aoife is the only grand still interested in dying eggs for Easter
It has been a very difficult few days.  However Grandma O'Quilts is up and at 'um...back at the pool, sewing away and sitting outside in the stunning, sunny, breezy day, reading.

My neighbor here is in her 80's.  She loves to walk and walk and walk. Last week or so she was walking when a lady living across the street, decided to let her lab off its leash.  This dog knocked my friend down, knocked off her shoes and broke her arm.
She is a stoic one...still carrying on.  But, she is a ghost writer for extra money and can no longer type.  She is crazy about ducks,,,They are displayed around her bird feeder in her front yard.  I put  this on her door to honor her bravery and good  heart.

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wheresmyboob? said...

Love your spirit! Rachael