Friday, April 12, 2024

Lynsey and Grandma

A true scrap  quilt finally finished...First I made the HSTs...they sat a few years...then I put the  yellow in and it sat.for months..I must be getting better as this is the first quilt I have quilted in three  years, albeit a baby size.  I really had a struggle with the little bit of free motion quilting...finally I just did it with the feeddogs up.
Quilt backing is a 15 year old batik from my stash...a sale from a long defunct quilt store in Black Mountain.

Love comes in a selfie of 15 year old Lynsey and her grandma.
Of course there is a difference in energy between 76 and 15 !!!
She is so good to her grandma.

Kind and talented stain glass maker, Betty McConnell made for me a spring tree.  In December we can call it a different kind of tree.'
It is just what I ordered...Thank you Betty!!
BTW, it is not jewelry....However, I wear it on a funky chain.

Last week Lynsey came to 10 pm she announced ...Oh, was her mother's birthday and she needed to make a present..
I told her  to go pick out some laminate and a zipper...and google a tute...I hovered behind her...15 year old attitude said...get back grandma....I know how to sew!!!  She put in her first zipper and boxed the corners...Her mother loved it!!  Success!!

Our Evan will be 19 in June.  This was his first beach trip with just the boys...
Where did the time go???  Our Evan is the one in blue with the palm trees on his shirt.

A windy , nippy day today.  We went to the  house library where my girl worked on past assignments for school.
She got stuck on math...looking for a math genius who understands Slope intercept form...OMG....that is so not me!!

My girl and I took a walk today, ate in the Bistro and talked and talked and talked.  Love!!!!

We decided that we have not spent enough time every Thursday day and night would be our new future time together...
Ok...bed time, once again at 1:15 am.... A nice day that has to end.



Linda, The Vintage Turtle said...

Lynsey did a great job on her bag she made and Evan and his friends seem so happy. What a great trip for him. Glad you had special time with your daughter.

Mary in Maryland said...

My machine handles free motion best when I leave the feed dogs up and set the stitch length to zero.