Saturday, June 20, 2015

Enjoying the Circus

My dear sweet 10 year old Evan.  I apologize.  I know that you love to wind bobbins. 
 You know that I hate to wind bobbins.
You are away for the weekend. I needed a white bobbin.  I took your newly wound one on your new machine.  I will make it up to you.  You are sooo great at winding bobbins. 
 I love you.
I love your new little sewing station with your own machine!!
I love to spray baste small quilts.  The best thing about it is that if you make a mistake..Just lift it up and start unpinning required.  IMHO, the top needs to be basted first and then trimmed before the backing.
Of course in my state of mind, I did the opposite...easy peasy to undo:)
 This little scrap baby quilt was so much more fun than the original.  Though, I still seem to be the master of the wobbly binding.  My lazy self this time.  I did not leave enough for self binding and did it anyway.
 The back was totally fun to make.
Will try to keep on keeping on with this message I have tried to live by.. 
 Especially the one about spending money on things you love... know what!!!...(fabric!!!)
Mother could have written this, and we always tried to live it..Thanks Ma.

Totally good day today...sleeping, having lunch out, sewing.
...... and watching Netflex..Grace and Frankie:)
If I only had a few months to live..what would I want to do???
Exactly what I am doing now.
Sewing, eating lunch with friends and raising my grands..
Mr. O'Quilts felt the same about his life...doing just what he had been doing.
Blessings.  Life is good.
Lucky me


smazoochie said...

ENORMOUS hug to you, Mrs O'Quilts!
And a big kiss, on BOTH cheeks!

Mary said...

One of these days I need to try spray basting and I hate winding bobbins too! Love the message.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love this post!! from borrowing bobbins to dancing even if you are too bad at it .

myrtovl said...

Oh Diane you're such an inspiration, I love you!