Monday, June 29, 2015


My mother wrote this poem as Parkinson's disease started to steal her fingers' ability to use the computer keyboard.  She kept writing poetry, but with much more difficulty. 
 Eventually, her keen mind was able to write them in her head and dictate them to friends. 
 Mom...if you had only known how much I would come to understand this poem..
.Thank you.


Like a smashed tomato, so true
sqooshy red eyes and a nose full of goo
This is my pity party
and I'm not inviting you.

frustrated, infuriated,
I know the reason why
unbidden grief engulfs
my soul

all I do is cry

sorry not returning calls:
busy drying my eyes

forgive my self-indulgence-
guess it was no surprise

I have not been myself these days
please let me make amends

I love you lots,you know I do
I hope we still are friends!

Alice Franzen Clemons Burt 2011

NOW...I need to wright a poem about justification....ha ha.but I am not a poet...

For a fact, I know that a grief therapist would charge $90 for 45 minutes of time.
So, now about....buying fabric online!!!!
So therapeutic in several ways:.
+.It is cost effective as therapy
+It brings hours of pleasure as one peruses the sale choices online.
+ It brings wonderful times as one eliminates the once thought lovely choices to buy only the dearest ones.
+It affords one the pleasure of receiving a  package of nothing but joy in the mail.
+Washing, folding and caressing the fabric brings peace.
+Looking at it and loving it brings nothing but delight.
+It builds muscle (in the PayPal finger, that is..)
+Clearly buying fabric online is healing behavior...

So what do you think. My friends????  Let me know...
                   I so miss my mornings of finding my fabric shop links on my so miss it. 


Dora, the Quilter said...

True--both the poetry and the fabric therapy!

smazoochie said...

I love your Mom's poems, she speaks the Truth.
I believe that a fabric addiction is the best possible addiction.
Flex that pay pal finger!