Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sun vs Storm????

Done...Oh, done.  After at least 20... 2.5 inch cuts to choose the border....
The ONE has been found.
This last border took more time thinking then the entire quilt top.
 Little corner touches!
 My new green Hobby Lobby impulse sale buy...You go Grandma O'Quilts!!!
At your age, you can do whatever you there....

Today, the dense clouds hovered.  I could not find the sun.
I was looking in the wrong direction.
After supervising visitation with my son and his children,
I came home to flowers planted in my containers, that formerly hosted weeds.
A sweet neighbor.

Visiting with my son was exhausting.
But...He is still alive, and BTW, so am I.
The thrilled looks on the faces of my grands..were a beam of light...
(If I had been looking)
as they played with their father.

We all went to an AA meeting last night from 8 to 9.
Kids were exhausted, I was exhausted, Ms Stephanie was exhausted.
My DIL picked up her 2 year chip...Two years free of alcohol and drugs.
A miracle to behold.

So much in pain today in my body.
Then came....the sun disguised as my sister...
She came to take the two little grands to her house for the night.

Alone, I thought of sleeping or crying...
Instead, I let 10 year old Evan invite his three friends to a sleepover here.
I took the four boys to the grocery store. 
 I gave them $20 and let them decide between themselves the
dinner and snacks for the night.
You should have seen the discussion going on and the calculator going.
At the cashier, they were $8 over. SHOCK!!! Ha!!
They looked at me...Grandma said NO!!
Back went the orange soda, back went the spicy Fritos...etc..etc.
Home came the pizzas and ice cream and beef jerky..
Back came the sun and warm fuzzies for me.

Tonight I taught them all how to work the stove and the best way to cut the pizza.
Evan asked me if I wanted to watch the movie with them...
Old Grandma must be doing something right.!!!
And, so it goes...guess I forgot that the sun rises and sets every single day and night,
If...I pay attention.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You are right, it is the perfect border!! I'm glad you kept looking.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Loved reading this, Diane. What a wonderful idea to let the boys choose things from the grocery, AND to make them stick to the budget. Been thinking about you lots, checking every day for news. Love and hugs. Hope to see you soon at our bee - my house this time. xoxo

Mary said...

Miracles DO happen and you are doing a lot right. I love everything about your quilt. What are you using your green purchase for?

smazoochie said...

It may have been a struggle, but you conquered that quilt!
Your Metaphor Quilt -- so much for you these days is a struggle but you dominate -- I suspect you feel the struggle more than the domination, but you are winning. Big Hug!
And you are an awesome grandma! What a sweet & charming lesson for the boys.
Congratulations to your DIL! She is winning too. We all keep hoping the same for your son.

Courtney said...

Well, goodness, I can hardly see the rain for all the sunshine in this post! Perfect borders, two years for your DIL(!!!!!!!), new flowers on your pots, little grands taken care of, and you with the 10 year old boys! I was chuckling imagining them negotiating their purchases. What an amazing lesson, budgeting their night and cooking it! Those kids are so lucky to have you. And it seems like they know it, too. Have a great week. Stay dry!

m. said...

Yes! To everything Courtney said. Love the quilt. Love the stories! I do see more sunshine than rain!