Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ALS and My Sorta Survival......

My love, I am sorry.  I love you so.

A grieving friend of mine insisted that positive thinking come before despair...
How is that I ask???
We cannot control grief..
Alas, it did get me thinking.
I have just listed in my phone notes..all the delight in my marriage.
How lucky I was to have him, etc..
Positives, I was too upset to see before.
Then, somehow,  I was able to cut up the suede jacket that reflected his charm.
 Too painful before.
Goodbye one year and three weeks.
I am going to upcycle this jacket!!!
Karma and spirit...not lost, just transferred.

Here is to hoping I get a creative bug and am able to make a bag incorporating ...
the already installed zipper and the many pockets...
I am excited...a far cry from despair.
That is why widow groups are so helpful...sharing ideas..
Look at my new found flexibility!!!!


ES said...

The widow group sounds good - I'm glad that you have support. You deserve to have good friends close by for support. X

http://thankfullga447 said...

I was at a ALS walk event had the whole family with us. I thought of you & your husband so often and tell people how brave you & he was. The goal
was to raise $60,000 and think we met it. God Bless.