Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Scrappy Night

Working with 4.5 inch scraps...the folklore persists...It is wrong.
There is no "using up" scraps.
They only multiply like bunnies.
 It is not enough for me to have these two projects on my design wall.
Nope, I have to look through scrap baskets and find more interesting projects until I just make another mess, give up and go read my book

 I was so proud of our Stitch..role modeling peace for me.
 Ha Ha...and then the dog walked by..
My grief therapist tells me to hum when I am anxious.
He says it relaxes the rib cage to make one relaxed like Budda
Here I am...hummmmmming...and sewwwwwing

Friday, January 12, 2018

Grandma O'Quilts Holds Her Own........

Brave Grandma O'Quilts, uplifted by friends of all ages, all around the world...
is feeling better...

From Ms Nancy's basket bazaar...comes this purple present for Drenna's birthday.

A purple button added..
Filled with purple goodies, thread, clips and charms.

From Barbara's estate...4.5 inch squares...random..cuz I do not usually use that size.
Using some of my favorite plaid...ouch....I started a comfort quilt for someone.
It is so nice to just play with fabric with no rules or demands,
  Also...did a binding...long awaiting my newfound energy.

Today, I realized that I was now able to play my  part in all this.
A part to push myself a
After my  lovely nap this morning...
I..went to the library for large print books.
(So proud of self, alas, I lost my cane and I wobbled back inside to look.
No dice.
Back to the car..searched everywhere...keeping my new found serenity...All of a sudden, it rang.
It was in my bra...the whole time) YIKES..

Did a bit of shopping and then. YES.....I took a swim in the pool.
This was the second time in 6 months...
I was so grateful....
Friends galore welcomed me back.

Despite intense family drama tonight...sigh.. I survived.
Kids gone off to their cousins.

 I found a bit of hope today..
I am borrowing strength from my therapist.
Sewing and Andrea Bocelli...
lift up Grandma O'Quilts tonight.!!
I am so happy to be able to post this joy..

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

When is Good,.... Good Enough...????

I went to my fourth quilter estate sale yesterday.
The abundance of collectible was free.
But, not free of memories.
And, not free of angst.
Clearly my photography skills are weak
This pretty quilt does not show well..
Art and color cleanse me.

My drawer full of 30's fabric...where are my Grace bits...this baby's name is Grace!!!

In fabric, is it the color?
Is it the lighting...showing the soul and reflecting the heart.
Is it the feel or the possibilities..
Why do I have such hope for fabric and not for....
My fabric collection spans 50 some years.
I hope that my friends and family have a party as...
 they divvy up my passion.once I fly on..

Working on this quilt now, quilting I need more quilting???
  Is it good enough/?
The baby probably will not mind...but the fabric artist does...

Age 70 requires a review of one's life...
I had a great regrets at all..
It was more than good enough.  It was brilliant...
I just want more of it...more and more...
What is my future...??  Really...did I forget, again.... that I am not in control??

Links to my man and my mother...down memory lane..again...always.. dear man..xoxo
He told me that when he died, I should not worry about going downtown to make sandwiches for the homeless...that raising the children and making quilts were enough.
Funny how he read my mind...
Even now, I feel like I am not doing enough.
I have the affliction of more....
 On my lovely weekends alone, I cuddle in a quilt or two, sit in my recliner, read a book and doze off,
cats in my lap, dog at my feet..
Maybe my man was right.  Then maybe he was not.

And so I sleep and I sew and I love my grands and my friends.
This article brought more tears to my eyes.
Why Grief Lasts so Long..
.April 14th he will be three years gone.

And so, in order to try to steady myself in serenity, I am taking a break from:
My Naranon I hate addiction and am sick of talking about it for now...
My ALS support I hate ALS and am sick of ALS
Phone calls from my son, as I am fragile and have a great need for self-care.
I do not want to hear about his angst.
Or, listen to him asking for money, when no money ever comes in this direction, to help.

Tonight I was able to review these posts, and read the comments....
I felt warm fuzzies instead of just pathos..

My mother's death...The Butterfly and the Gift

My broken heart...reports....My husband's death...

Today, I napped a million times, I celebrated thawed water in the dog's bowl.
I had lunch with my sister...a rare delight..
Tonight,  blogging and finishing this baby quilt.... soon as I decide if it is good.....good enough.

ps  As I review these old posts, I am infused with music is another:
The Rose

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018...Day Two...

How is 2018 starting out????
Just sayin' was the day that I got three children up at 6am...shuffled them to the bus stop in 12 degree weather....waited for 30 minutes before I realized that there was no school today.
Winter break did not end until tomorrow!!!!
Everyone is posting their I thought I had better stay up late and have a finish for today, anyway...A quilt..all done...terrible pix I see..but it is 12:30 am.

I called our Stephanie begging her to come early to steady my quilting room, so it would have some semblance of calm my brain.
She came early alright, but it was to care for the children ..on their "no shcool" day and help them with their rooms and the time for folding sewing room fabric.

Cleaning in the archives,  appeared this pig of my grandmother's
Growing up in Sweden, her job as a young child was tending to the pigs...She always thought that they were adorable and very she collected them later in her life.
One year, we were at wit's end on what to get her for her birthday.  Found this plain pig somewhere and the whole family signed it.  My grandmother died in 1996...born in this little piggy is quite an heirloom...many others who signed it are also dead.

Last night fear came upon me for my son, homeless in freezing weather.
 After watching the news, I sent him a text...r u ok???
He called me back...Of course Mom.. Why wouldn't I be???
He said...Remember that university student that paid for a hotel for me last year so I could bathe and rest???  Well this year she bought me a tent and a minus 30 degree sleeping bag and a propane I am snug as a bug in my tent.. never have to worry about me..I am resilient
My bad...poor old Mom.worrying about her homeless son...

I read in a avoid a stolen purse, just tie your purse in the child restraint on the shopping cart.
I proud.... old Grandma...
Once to the car, I did not have the strength in my hands to unclasp it (70 years old) I had to ask a passer-by to release my safe...very safe...purse.

 A lovely package came today from Florida and my friend Judy...
She made me her special cookies...which arrived all intact..
Such love.
She also sent me some lotion.
I got the biggest kick out of the brand....Dead Sea lotion.
Ha ha appropriate for turning 70!!

Blue Nickles...Creating when you are on the rainy side of life
I love this guy...right up front and very creative.

Now, lets see what January 3rd brings for the O'Quilt family...

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year...2018.

Happy New Year, with 365 more chances to celebrate
Bye bye my favorite snow man
 Good night tired reindeer..Good night tired grandma....
Hello New Year...potholders

 I am afraid things have  not changed yet...I am still up at 2am.
Still cannot find my camera, still struggling with the perfect border
Still killing myself with cookies.

However, 2018...I have found some hope.
Check out  this funny if you have not already seen it.
And NO, I do not identify...!!!!!🙀🙀🙀
I think I need to ask for this for next Christmas...
So hilarious...but so true...