Thursday, December 6, 2018

Celebrating with Friends

My grand dog, Rosie....enjoying the Oregon coast.

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild Holiday Party
We played the 3 of your favorite things game.
I brought three bag holders.

Thanks to my graham cracker friend...
I got this awesome pen.

From Nancy's basket bazaar came the basket.
I filled it with the hand warmer "Thank yous",
 for our teachers at the elementary school.
Shown just a few here..but I piled them high.
Tissues to say "thank you" to the folks at Camp MIndy at the J.
All turned in in time for Hanukkah !!!!
Show and tell Margaret showed the wine sleeve made
out of a fun.

Tuesday..a marvelous trip to IKEA.
There were 10 of us...from our Wednesday night quilting group.
And...a surprise visit from Kathylynn....wahooooo.
So glad I went with sweet Sherry...the best driver ever.
I put my joint pain in my pocket and marched on.

Now the huge excitement in our family....Ancestry results for my son, Eamon.
61% French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish
5% African
4% American Indian
26% Irish and Scottish ...he is more Irish than I am!!!

The Southern European migration is through Puerto Rico,
Venezuela and Cuba.
These results..just shake it all up.

I LOVE Anne Lamott
"What if you wake up someday and you're 65...and you were just so strung out
on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life?"


Rosa said...

Joy and happiness in your blog today! I hope it goes forth and multiplies!

What an amazing genetic mix. Eamon is a true all-American guy!

Cotton Farmer said...

Such goodness! Happy times and good news, plus all that happiness being spread by you...hand warmers and tissue packets (and pot holders). Aren't you a treasure?! So glad I've "met" you, my friend!