Saturday, December 1, 2018

Ramblings at the end of November

Merry Christmas Uncle Kieran..Sr.
You came 20 years ago to visit, planting this tree to remember you by.
It was only 2 feet tall then.
You would be thrilled to see how beautiful it is now...thinking of you..

Into Granddaddy's handicapped bathroom went our second
Christmas tree...It is beautiful ...white on white LED.

Cheer from Eithne.
She embroidered them for me in green and red.
Helping me to get a grip and be accepting of myself.

 Felted wool trivet gifted to Sherry on her birthday.

 Sandra in Alabama sent Lynsey her pencil collection,
memories of her travels..
So generous.
Our girl is mesmerized...

The boys are running around...way too fast for the camera.

For some reason, this season is very difficult with grief.
I am doing the best I can.
My grief is way too intense for most.
Grateful that I have my two children for support.

I love this post.
In Our Own Words...from Leland Studios.


Cjsmimi said...

Hello, friend.
Thank you for your posts. Gratitude is my medicine when sadness wants to take over...

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh what a beautiful tree ! You had a great idea with the second Christmas tree in the bathroom, it looks so pretty. Never forget that your best is good enough Diane!