Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Notable and the not so Notable

For relaxation, I cut some lavender blocks and started with 
my 1.5 inch strings...just sewing along..
It is a bit blah, but with a blue or red binding, it should be ok
I want to give it the fire folks?  to the hurricane folks?
to local folks?  I do not know...I do not feel like quilting it....

The children have had this tree for the five years they have been living with me.
They love it as a memory...It;s physical beauty is way gone..
Thanks to Boo and Stitch.

The O'Quilts family survived the winter storm.
No pretty snow, just ice and the loss of power.
Thank you Barnes and Nobles for being open.
Met some new friends there from all over Charlotte in the same situation..
We are back on a roll now with Carolina blue skies.

My girl making Christmas catnip for her cat loving friends.

My son was with  me during the storm.  When I came home from the bookstore,
he had LED lights all around the house....No power needed with LED cheer.
It was delightful
My son happy.
Marie showing her Kaffe fabric quilt.

I hate to go to bed.  Last night I stayed up to 2:30 finishing a book
I am in physical pain with my decayed joints
This is a tough Christmas without my man.
But, I am happy...I am getting stronger.
My friends all have their spouses...
I am not jealous any more..
With my son home I feel like I have family again.
My girl comes home in 5 days for my birthday.
For the first time in 15 years, I will have both children
under the same roof for Christmas
A miracle.

Never forget:
Living with ALS, the cost of staying alive

Always remember:
A Better Man
Eeyore..HIgher Perspective


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I was happy to read that the storm was not too hard on you. I love the led lights, we have lots around the house, as I hate the dark in the winter. Your lavender quilt will be just right for whoever recieves it. It will be brilliant to have your children with you for Christmas. We are looking forward to the washing repair man coming tomorrow to remove a bra wire from deep down in the machine and the telephone man early ( 8am) on Sat to solve our internet problems. We have been off line more than on for months. The only thing is, I have to empty my craft room for him to reroute the cables into the house. That is some undertaking, I've already emptied the utility room for the washing machine man.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm pleased to read that power is restored and the blue Carolina skies are back again! Your quilt is not a bit blah at all, I love the colour you have there. What a surprise for your son to have done a little Christmas decorating for you and I am so happy for you knowing that both your son and daughter will be with you for Christmas.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I agree with Mystic Quilter, that quilt top is not blah at all. Someone in need will love it. Congrats on having both son and daughter at home for Christmas. Try to find a little cheer in their visit and the holidays in general.
As a Catholic, when I can't sleep, I pray a rosary. It helps me to quiet my brain and work past the depression. I'm not suggesting you pray a rosary (although you could) but to find something calming, quiet, and repetitive to help calm your mind and get some sleep. Your body and mind will both be better for it.