Sunday, December 23, 2018

O'Quilt News

My girl had a great idea...that we sew together when she came home for Christmas.
She had purchased a pattern from Then Came June..Inside Out Star.
 Christmas fabric for her...and not for me.......
It is fun to work on the same pattern together.
A nice big 14.5 inch star.

O'Quilt news...
The children went with their mother to see Santa
Dear Evan, at so not with the program in his  yellow shirt.
At least he was willing to participate.
Tree decorations for my grands from that thoughtful friend
Paula...Thank you Paula.

Here are some interesting links:

podcast on Christmas Cactus care

Hate politics in quilting

Self-Growth for the New Year
Or, 19 uncomfortable things to start doing to make your life better

On the Winter Solstice...Thank you Michele

Lately this old lady  has been staying up until 2 or 3 am
and sleeping until noon....What???

Had a great meeting with long time friends tonight..
Discussion: our human preoccupation with the illusion of control!!

Santa has the stockings ready.
Son in Law ready to cook Christmas dinner
Kids all excited.
Getting cookies ready.
Mrs. O'Quilts has both her children home for Christmas
And, they are getting along.
I am so high on gratitude.


myrtovl said...

Happy Holidays!

ES said...
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ES said...


I haven't been commenting on blog for about 6 months! I used to read them everyday and comment and keep up with everyone, but we moved house and I got so busy with packing and everything and then unpacking and getting organised that I haven't done any sewing with my machine in ages. Anyway I have been catching up on your blog over the last 6 months, and it's been so nice to read some great updates about your son and his kids and the new baby and I see you have managed some sewing time!

It's boiling hot here in Australia and I've got the kids at home for their long summer holidays so it's exhausting! We don't have air conditioning so it really is so hot at the moment!

I'm planning on getting my sewing machine set up really soon, and I have a sewing room for the first time ever so I should be able to have a nice set up.I get so much inspiration from the quilting blogs I follow, so it's been nice looking at everyone's photos etc

I hope you are not in too much pain at at the moment with your arthritis.

Emily xx