Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Season of Giving

 The long anticipated gingerbread bath bomb creating...
Fun..then they started fighting  OMG
Not exactly the memories I had in mind.!!!!
Granddaddy's handicapped bathroom was made with the  help of a huge fundraiser by his friends
at the Irish society...He was a leader there in music, spirituality , reading and good crac.
Now that he is gone...I am trying to cheer up the bathroom..Here is the latest holiday effort.

Ancestry results are in for me.
I am 40% Swedish instead of the 50% I had thought.
and...18% one in my family ever
mentioned Norway to me before...hmmm

And in Evan's DNA there is no trace of Cuba..Really?
His migration is through Puerto Rico???
and he is 80% British ...who would have known.

Eagerly awaiting Eamon's..results...cuz as you know, when a child is adopted
there is often a big question mark...We never want to live a lie...when there is DNA expertise out there..

Dylan's jar openers.
 Lynsey and Evan have made two potholder tops each.
Evan said that next year he will be in high school and is NOT
making any teacher a potholder for Christmas...but, he said that last year...
Meantime Lynsey wants to make a potholder for everyone.
The children have been sewing these teacher presents.
Grandma, however, seems to have a sewing blockage.
My energy is probably spent with the children....I seem to have little of it.

I have finished the last of 13 Maisie Dobbs mysteries.
What strikes me is the similarity of problems in the 1930's as we have now...
Soldiers who have fought for their country and been wounded are neglected and overlooked.
The rich live in comfort as the poor suffer...
The horror of war.

My cane and I wobble into the library with my book list
The librarian goes to find the books for me.
Sometimes they even carry the books to my car.
Everyone is so good to me.
No one wants to always feel beholding..
I like to feel good about helping people too.
No one wants to feel humble by receiving and revealing..
Everyone wants to be the giver.
But, then....
"Humility like the darkness, reveals the heavenly lights."


Mystic Quilter said...

Interesting to read about the DNA results. My husband did that a few months ago, nothing startling leapt out but there is a mix of four countries in there! Looks like the children are busy gift making - apart from Evan, at least at the moment.

Karaquilts said...

How many years of gifting to others can you count? How many hours of sewing, quilting, creating on behalf of fellow travelers through this life have you invested? So, the way I see it, you have paid it in advance ~ ~ before you needed anything from the hearts of others, you were giving and giving and giving. Now it is your turn to practice receiving and you get to give to the hearts of those who are giving to you.

I was astonished a few weeks ago when a fellow shopper got out of her car across the parking lot and came over to unload my grocery cart into my car for me ~ ~(I always think I am camouflaging my pain quite well, but perhaps not so well!). She was lovely and helpful and I was humbled and appreciative and still a bit in awe of how well her gift was given. and now I wonder if it is my time to practice receiving. For if there is no one to receive, to whom will others give?

Thinking of you often and wishing you and all of your busy ones very well.

Bridget said...

It's interesting that all of a sudden people are holding doors for me, as well. I agree with Karaquilts. We've been doing a lot of giving, so it's just the circle making its way around. It's our turn and we will continue giving, but maybe receiving a little more, too.

BTW, I don't know if I properly thanked you for the precut squares! I was so happy to see the books that I focused on them and it wasn't until a couple days later I saw the fabric. Duh! Many thanks for everything. It's been cold here and I have no excuses to go outside, so the books and fabric are in my pile of stuff to do on a freezing day!

Cathy Cartledge said...

I do, so like you.