Friday, August 24, 2018

The World According to O'Quilts

Warm and cuddly, batted with wool...a perfect thank you gift.
 Backing is bats...color was right, person could be a bit batty, like all of us.😲😱

 One of the last days before school starts...I found the two littles..."studying??"
Of course not..U-tubing.. and actually getting  along...So grateful.
I see Granddaddy's old  laptop getting a workout.

This morning was open the teachers...My grands were thrilled that both parents came.
They put their differences and their own feelings aside, for their children's sake.
I am way proud of them... Wonderful!!
I love the school and they love us...the best staff...the best teachers.

My son has been working.
Yesterday, he took Evan, the 13 year old to help him cut down a tree.
Today, he took Dylan, the 8 year old to an outside painting job.
This weekend he has two jobs lined up...
Gas money and helping his mother money.!!

I love our Orkin man, Derrick.
I said...Derrick...What if this does not last with my son????
Derrick said...What if it does???
Fall weather is here for two days...I have been outside reading, Flight Behavior, by Kingsolver.
She is one of my favorite writers.
Her books are like a delicious pastry, needing to be savored a bit at a time.
Joy is being under my tree in the backyard, dog and cat at my feet.
Children with their parents.
Me napping, reading and breathing deeply.

For dying of a broken heart is not a literal thing.
It is just about not giving a damn any more, thus ignoring self-care.
Friends try to encourage, but nothing works if you are not yet ready to care.
My 5 life changing events of the past few years are incomprehensible, even to me.

In the constant drive to clean my sewing room,
 often a surprise pops out from my own personal fabric detritus.
Voila a fat quarter pack reminding me of a time growing up in Arizona.
Where did this come from??
Tula #19   This one was not fun...why I am still doing this?
Addiction, just like Oreos💙
And then my great son...whew....
See, he has not really been around for the past 5 years...He is so guilty about that.
Now, his children cannot get enough of him.
Wooosh...there goes the schedule Stephanie and I have had them on,
like forever.....
Eamon struggle to set boundaries and his children push.
And old Grandma O'Quilts has an awesome sewing room with doors that shut!!

Life is good!!  It is about to get better on Monday, when school starts xo

Lazy Boo just came out of bed for a peek at the world.
He is sick and tired of Stitch getting all the photo ops!!
But, not enough to make an effort.
I'm Into Something Good


Teresa said...

You have a full life, even though at times sadness clouds your day. I admire you and appreciate your sharing your tears and joys, reaches the heart of many of us.

Cotton Farmer said...

😁. I agree with Derrick. And look at that lovely AZ fabric.

Karaquilts said...

I'm so happy to continue to share your son's victories. and your little ones joy in his company. I'm with Derrick. Sounds like a wise man.

Wool batting ~ ~ do you use it alone or with other batting? The one quilt I have with wool batting has a double layer of batting and it's so plump and nice. I bought the wool, but haven't used it yet ~ ~ waiting, waiting, waiting. Why? I don't know.

Ps. love the AZ fabric. I too spent quite a few years there. High school and beyond. I loved it and despised it. Mostly it is a wonderful adventure in my memory. I remain a true Nwesterner in my heart.

Enjoy your day. I might be overdue another Kingsolver read. Will have to visit my online library to find your read.


Cathy Cartledge said...

I love that LOVE is shining and healing for you and your son, His children and their mom. "What if it does?" is the best.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

You always seem to get a lot of quilts or quilty items made! Love Derick's response!Sounds like you had a good afternoon reading and enjoying the outside. Sounds heavenly. The kiddos look so cute in bed sharing the laptop.

Julie said...

Thank you for speaking your heart. I hear your words. Sending good thoughts to you and all that love you. Keep sewing it out. ((hugs)))