Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Parts Department and More

My dear Stitch.....I do understand!
 Except for the way Stitch does it...relaxation is all about the parts department..
Sewing scrap strips together for still another fun project.
 A yellow nine patch
Cleaning my space, 
I found a few leftover green triangles..
I could not let them be....
Bagged now with Christmas parts.
 Orphan blocks from another quilt...
Cotton and Steel..
And now...voila...
 A new shelf for my past overindulgences
My son drove to IKEA and brought back
this $29 help with my mess...He and the children assembled it..
.My guess is that this shelf
will not stay so pretty for too long...
Just for today, it is fun to pretend that it will never look like the one next to it.
Of course,  I knew it...after working on parts,
the place is another disaster...sigh...
My grandmother said, "Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy"

The gift continues to be my son and the miracle he brings.
So far...he has repaired the chain saw to cut down the old apple tree...
He has a job Tuesday taking someone else's tree down. Today, he cut someone's grass.
Unfortunately, this is all using my only car.
He takes care of his kids, he plays with them, he helps them with their rooms,
He cooks for them, he cleans the kitchen, he does laundry, he does the garbage.
He does my yard, he replaced the burned out head light in my car and put in oil,
He makes me laugh, he made me pancakes when I cried.
It is a miracle.
He has been driving my car to meetings and to jobs, but I cannot let this be
I have to have my car...especially with Dylan so allergic to bees and fire ants.
Wishing so much that there was a junky car that runs, for $1500 to $2000
I have little money, but cannot see him taking two buses and a train for 3 hours
 to get where he needs to go. Especially when he is doing so well..
He told me that he could have had several construction jobs last week if he had only had wheels.

And, with all his help, how can I send him back on the bus to his ripped tent into the woods.
We all love him so.
When he spends the night, I find all three kids in the room with him at night.
What to do??  What to do?
Since money is tight, it is one day at a time..
Being spiritual...and waiting for the light.
So much gratitude for this splendid surprise in my life.

I thought that these two links were interesting...xo

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myrtovl said...

Very good news, maybe you should help him by lending him a few times a week the car until he collects some money from his work to buy a second hand!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Lots of good things going on. Money is always a problem, can you drive him to work?

Karmen said...

Wish I could help out with the car situation...Beautiful work on your "parts."