Sunday, August 26, 2018

Cannot Keep a Good Grandma Down.

My evening project, a hot iron holder.
The casing is filled with elastic..about 7 and a half inches, pulled tight.
 Cute iron fabric.  a gift from niece, Brenda...many moons ago.
How perfect is this for my hot iron holder.?
 Pink iron fabric is right sides together..turned with a casing.
Small plate for the double Insul-Brite and larger pan for the fabric.
Measuring for my little iron.
This was the tutorial I found, but I did not follow it.
I did use his tested idea of double Insul-Brite to protect the hot iron.
Then I winged it...not too successfully, but, I have what I need.
Tomorrow, I will make the velcro cord holder.
hot iron holder with Man Quilting

Here we go with Tula #20
And Tula # 21

Notes to self.
You are old and retired...understanding the way.
Letting go of my professional license..
Tying it with a ribbon...good job, well done..for 40 years.

Just like I did long ago with my 20 years of travel with Pan Am
Wrapped that all up too..with a bow,  the experiences like no other.
People met, countries seen, excitement remembered.

 How to redefine myself now.???
From: Brene Brown, Rising Strong
comes the idea of badassery
In a good way, of course.
Standing up for your beliefs.
At my age, I can be a badass, if I want.
Advocating  and fighting for the good.
In the sweetest way possible...wahoo
Stay tuned.


Michele Bilyeu said...

No other comments or comments back to me are needed. You sew one cute thing at a time while taking each day, each new understanding at a time. He would be proud.

Karaquilts said...

Life goes forward and seasons change and so do we ~ ~ and none of that takes away from anything that went before. Congrats to you and to the eloquent and wise Brene Brown. I may have to read that book next!

I just finished reading a profound personal story of overcoming circumstances by J.D Vance entitled Hillbilly Ellegy. Lots to think about in his book and journey.

And lots to enjoy in your posts of creativity and mountain climbing. Climb on, Badass Grandma O'Quilts. I cheer you!!!