Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Amazing Grace

Tula...15...end of the crosses...
 More on the parts department...found four patches
 Double four patches...rather drab...but not done yet.
Scrap potholder fun
Cotton and Steel baby quilt...
A quilt is never finished before the binding...so stay tuned.

Can you believe that this navy polka-dot material is from a dress when I was 43..I was
slim and somewhat adorable then...or that is what my dear man said..😍😍
That being 100 years ago...good memories...Ha..

So on a roll today...
One of the very few days in years that there was no maudlin behavior on my part.
Was it that this extrovert went out on a 3 hour lunch with understanding fellow travelers?
Was it the energy I got from being out and about, so that I could sew up a storm tonight?.
Was it that the two littles stayed with their mother so Evan could have a two guy sleepover.?

The three 13 year olds are being sooo good. 
 I gave them $20 and took them to the grocery store to pick out their dinner.
They could not go over the $20..including tax.and they all had to agree...
Ha Ha, they loved it.
Home came two $3 frozen pizzas...sodas and chips...
They made their dinner and cleaned up.

Was it that a dearest of friends is making life so much easier for me?.
Quandary mitigated...TBTG
Was it that another friend shared with me?

Somehow, today there was no whine that I was last man standing with little family.
Today was the family I made for myself with friends..
Today was for sure...a God thing day...
Red wine in a jelly jar.


Karaquilts said...

Oh how good to hear from you today! Glad your Tuesday (or was it Monday) was so full and good ~ ~ and that your pieces and parts are coming together to create more beauty which fills all our souls.


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh so behind with reading blog posts!!!! Sounds like you had a good day, I'm happy for you.

Good Earth Quilting said...

Hilarious, are you in comedy? Great crazy happenings in your day, but the quilts, OMG, they are beautiful! I love your wild side color choices.