Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ode to Melissa, Kara and Tula

Tula number 11
 Beginning log cabin with 2.5 inch strips organized by 
my friends, Melissa and Kara on a Tennessee mtn. xo
Amazing that I have to send my scraps away for organization...OMG

News:  My daughter did not burn up in the fires on her week long music
festival..She drove home by the coast from Mendocino to Portland
all without her mother;s advice...and without any cell phone service
So, all Mommy's wisdom..sat right here in Mommy's heart.
My son is spending the night at a friends house..and off to church with him in the morning.
Kids are at their mother's house... I be....

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Kaja said...

I wish I could send my scraps to someone who would organise them!