Thursday, August 2, 2018

And So it Goes.....

We remember that "Stitch" was the cat's name in the shelter
when we adopted him...He was meant to be a quilting cat
Such a love...
Lynsey chose this thread for the binding because it was so pretty and it could be seen
The rest of us try to hide our binding thread.
Here she is...sewing away...nails courtesy of Uncle Steve.
Her quilt is now finished and covering a doll upstairs in her room.
It is pouring rain here...for days...I have cracked my bedroom window so I can hear night
makes for better sleeping.

Making a different block from Pat
It is a 13 and a half inch block..should go with my new pineapples.
if I decide on a sampler from Civil War reproduction fabric.
Tula number 10...go Grandma...go!
I am reading about a bit about courage...
We cannot be courageous and content at the same time
as having courage implies taking emotional risks.
Interesting stuff...just for awhile..Brine Brown.
Then back to reading pablum so I can relax.

So, is it courage to put my needs out there so folks can help?
So much easier to give than to receive.
Or to stuff feelings inside not to make others  uncomfortable.
Since my quilting blog has also become my therapy blog,
just writing this helps me to buck the tradition for my own survival.
Can you believe this philosopher at only 5:pm sans vino tinto??

Midnight fun...Grandma, Evan and his daddy....
Creative some-mores with chocolate chips and marshmallow.
My son is here today.
I was sleeping so he walked from the bus stop to my house.
Brave soul.
He is helping Evan sort thru his clothes.
He is helping me be calm
He is only one person and we all clamor for his attention.
We all need him so.
He told me that "his roommate"  in the parking garage,
has started Methadone treatment too.  All because of my son.
He saw how well Eamon was doing, so he started too.
We are all connected .
 Holding each others hand through thick and thin.

Ugh...the rain brought in a roach...Eamon killed it...TBTG
I usually call Derrick, our Orkin man.
Derrick it dead or alive??
I say...dead...Derrick says, I can only kill it once!!!


Michele Bilyeu said...

You and your bug man comment absolutely crack me up. The rest is pure gold. Love your family stories and pics. Love that your darling girl loves quilting as much as you and Stitch do 💜

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Nothing sweeter than a child learning to quilt. Courage and connection - good themes to live by.

Mystic Quilter said...

So cute to see Lynsey busy quilting!! You're a braver soul than I tackling the 6" blocks but you'll have a super quilt when you reach block 100. You would all have been happy to have Eamon with you for the day, I wish him well.

Barb said...

what a cute sewing photo with your GD and Stitch! so sweet!
I'm happy to hear your son is doing well and encouraging others to seek help.
Happy Summer!