Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy Grandma O'Quilts having good friends....

A marvelous sit and sew today with a friend.
I finished Tula's block more and the cross section is done
Finished 9 potholders....!!!
After paying big bucks to karate, tomorrow is the last day.
It ends with stunt camp.
Dylan acted out and had to be sent home...guess it is his way of showing
frustration at leaving karate after 4 and a half years.
Lynsey is sobbing..She spent half her life going to karate..
Bad grandma just ran out of money.

Tuesday was an awesome trip to the Foust sale with my quilting buddies.
Peacefully driven by the genius of the group...Sherry.
She also brought my bedroom smart TV down to my sewing room and set it up for me,
since we had to cancel cable.
My budget allowed me two awesome bags of scraps for $5 each.
The true mother-lode as these fabrics were squeezed into tiny ziplock baggies.
They are fat-eights and not quite fat quarters...amazing.

Then, on to the thread store for Muggs finishing it off with
Soup and salad at the Olive Garden.
Fun is exhausting😄

Thank God for my friends....Look what Paula did for the kids.
She shopped, bought and mailed all Evan's school supplies!! (from Greensboro!!!)
And, she added crayons and markers and coloring backpacks to make the little ones happy.
I cannot believe that in 2.5 weeks, we will have an 8th grader, a 3rd grader and a 4th grader..
Evan has finished one of  his summer readings, The Hunger Games
Lynsey is online daily with a multiplication game.
Dylan reads to one of us each night..
We are going to make it !!! All with a little help (a lot) from our friends.xo

My son cleaned the mildew off the brick sidewalk so  no one will slip and fall..
The children's mother bought the back to school clothes
 and shoes for the boys.
My son said he had a few day construction job coming up and would be able to have the children's hair cut for school...
Sooo grateful..
Nice to hear some good news instead of all doom and gloom

Dear sweet Eithne brought this oilcloth back from Ireland for me.
Cats and Celtic knots...just lovely.

 All hard to photo.but lovely to have.  What to make???
Bags?? Wipe easy cloths for the table?  Pouches?
I am such a lucky Grandma O'Quilts.
A happy post today

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Mystic Quilter said...

Oh dear!! I hope things have settled down a little at your place Diane!