Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Asthmatic Bronchitis and a brand new start

I was so done today.  I have not improved in 5 days despite antibiotics, inhalers, etc...such fatigue and coughing...And there is a retreat planned for this weekend, I just hate to give it a miss. .Grumpy and sick and disgusted..that is until my pulmonary Doc was able to fit me in. By two o'clock I was home with a wheelbarrow full of new drugs...newer higher powered inhalers, a brand new antibiotic and STEROIDS.  I wanted to refuse the steroids, but I was so sick that I gave in...just begged him to add a script for chocolate ice cream to go along with it.   Now it is 10pm...I cannot believe this...could you believe that just ONE dosage of this steroid is making me feel better???? (unless you think it might have been the chocolate ice cream?) I am so amazed.  Instead of sitting back with another Kindle book, I just got right to it....sewing!!..
I found these solid 5 inch squares I had cut a long time ago..
 Started a little playing around:)

 And, made a potholder for someone I know who is way stressed out. It is no masterpiece, but hey....I am on steroids!

I will let you know if I am up all night...I know if I am...it will be so worth it to feel better.
P.S.  Went by my mother's on the way back from the doctor.  She looked fragile and  91years old... but wonderful...sitting in her recliner all comfy and alert.  From  the shaky mouth of the Parkinson's patient...came today's wisdom...."Now I know why the caged bird sings".  Sigh...


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Maybe steroids and chocolate ice cream combination is the new wonder drug! So glad you are feeling better.

Karmen said...

I love you and your mother. I read this post aloud to my mother as I am visiting her. After laughing at your mother's quip Mom said "some people are so good at blogs."

I am so glad you are on the mend. Steroids make me crazy, but they are a god send when you are miserable. Karmen

MariQuilts said...

I'm sure it was the chocolate and ice cream....glad you're feeling better.