Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The big fix....retail or steroids??

This is how I feel.  Tomorrow is the last of 10 days on steroids and on antibiotics and I still feel like this.
 Not being one to suffer in silence (hence whining) or to suffer without reward..I ordered a few things to cheer me up!  This book came today...a delight.  This is my favorite way to work and Gwen does not disappoint in this book.  It has given me a boost already.
I also ordered a bit on  Their $3.95 a yard Memorial sale is definitely within my budget, especially with free shipping.  And a bit of oilcloth.  Then there is the bra thing....I decided that I should have new bras.  Believe me, I would rather spend the money on fabric, but a lady has to do what she has to do.   I took the info off my favorite bra and googled the deals.  I found a place that was good, they had my bras and I ordered 4.  Then I saw the shipping.  It was $12.98.  Now I must share that I am not that well endowed that my bras would be that heavy for that much shipping.  So, I emailed the vendor and told them that I wanted to buy the bras but the shipping was too much.  Within seconds they sent me an email with a promo code for $1.98 shipping.  Way to go...
My husband is playing tennis again tonight and my bee meeting is cancelled... I guess I will baste my Three Stooges quilt and.....

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smazoochie said...

Boo! that you are still feeling so poorly.
Yay! that you treated yourself (quilters are such enablers).
I just recently learned of the Gwen Marston book -- where did you get it?