Friday, May 18, 2012

The Blah Blah post

Today is the day that my friends leave on our retreat...without me...I am too sick to go.  They will see MP's new lake house and eat Marie's curry chicken and Ziti without spicy sausage and they will have Drenna's special breakfast. They will laugh and sew and Margaret will read Oprah's article on aging gracefully.  Margaret needs that as she will be 95 next month. I am sad, but I really want to get better. I think that this blog recently has become a journal for me.  Old friends are overwhelmed and exhausted with their own lives.  And my quilting friends have started to wear their NO Whining buttons to bee meetings.

 So here, I write for myself and leave it for all the world to read.  My steroid induced sleepless nights have been mildly productive.  The first night I did relaxation exercises and gratitude that I was able to breathe again.  The second night I tried to find the purpose of life, unfortunately in the morning there was no resolution.  Last night the bad turned into good as it often does. In my head, I designed my entire Swedish flag quilt.  I am so excited.  I have been doing no-thinking work for so long.
There are great things happening...The truest of all friends bring M&M's to heal my heart.. Shown here on my new IKEA sewing chair.
And a wonderful present arrived from Nadia made from an Olive tree.  Life is good. 

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smazoochie said...

I am so saf you can't go with your friends. It is OK to feel sorry for yourself -- for a while. But your health is foremost. Our guild president went to retreat & was hospitalized soon afterward (don't know the details yet). Nurture yourself: eat well, exercise as you can, meditate.
Be well & create.