Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Scrap Quilt Process, no think...promise..

The minute I feel better, I am up.  I cannot stand this "Be Patient" advice from my doctor.  I know he would cure me quicker if he could, even just to keep me at bay:)  In general, my organizational skills are quite lacking.  IKEA has helped a lot ..with these light weight rolling carts that just happen to fit under my cutting tables.  I have these drawers labeled 1.5 inches, 3 inches, 2.5 inches and misc.  I am using up the 3 inches because I will change out to 3.5 inches.  For this quilt, it makes no difference, since the ratio is 1:2, whatever width you want.
 For the, now missed, retreat, I had prepared packets to work on.  I cut the three inch strips into 6 inch pieces and made about 100 3" x 3" red squares for this packet and green squares for the quilt in progress.  Last night I had an hour good time and believe me I was up and sewing.  
 In this hour, I chain pieced the green to the scrap rectangle, pressed and then chain pieced them together..remembering always to keep a green square in the upper left hand corner.  I pressed them and left them under the towel on the ironing board since I just knew I would find three cats sleeping on them this morning.
Today, I had very little good some vertigo going now from a blocked ear.  However, that did not stop me tonight from at least putting  the sewn rectangles on the design wall.  I used my camera for a reducing glass to be sure the value was acceptable.  I wanted to do a post so I could say to myself that I accomplished something at least today besides napping and watching my dear saintly husband plant more vegetables and prune yard growth....and that was after he played tennis and went by to check on my mother.
The absolute highlight of my day was Skyping my wonderful friends and sister from the retreat.  Wasn't that sweet of them.  Sherry showed me all the projects and the work stations and MP's lovely new lake house.  My cup runneth over.

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