Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day and such

Happy Mother's Day Mom...I enjoyed sitting in the sun with you this morning.  I am so grateful.  Ninety two seems to suit you:)

Mother's Day reminds me of my grandmother too.  She was born in 1896 and she died in 1996 clear minded and clever as always..  She always lived with us, cooking for us, inspiring us and making memories.  When she died, I found among her things binders of untried clipped recipes.  I dumped them.  Now, here I am, two generations removed,  with my own big bag of clipped recipes....
No more.  I am trying them out and putting the ones I like into my Evernote.  My quilting tutes are there as well.  I am reducing clutter and when I bite the relatives will just have to push the delete button on my computer!  Tonight I have a new stew cooking away in Grandma's old caste iron pot.
As for my Mother's Day...three grandchildren finding a baby turtle and taking it back to the creek to find its  own Mommy, with Granddaddy, was the best!!

Back to quilting...always back to quilting.

These blocks now have their name, Granny squares.  The great tute is from Bee in my bonnet.  Memory  help came from friends at.....Smazoochie  and  Patchwork daily desire.  Thank u both sooo much..  My foggy mind must come from the concussion..certainly could not be from age...sigh...

.In the peace of the evening, I have been playing around with the blocks...What do you all think???

A wonderful Mother's Day here in Charlotte.


Patchwork Daily Desire said...
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Patchwork Daily Desire said...

Your mom is awesome!! I like her. She must be so proud for growing such a beautiful family!
Happy to help; thank you for posting my link here!
...and I find pretty, the second choice for your layout! (for that yellow with stripes is too much geometry and for the white with dots is too much...white. I think...)Happy sewing!