Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rainy Day Stuff

Today I finished the project for the children's feeling group.  For confidentiality purposes, their names and drawings are faced away and I am showing the back.  Still it is fun.  The pix are quilted and self bound.  The top is folded over with some extra fabric, raw edged,  and sewn down with a decorative stitch.  This is a fast way to make the casing for the dowel...Thank u Jean!!  Yarn makes the hangers for the dowels.  I will be mailing them off soon.  My Encore Azaleas in the back were on the discount shelf at Lowes...years ago...
This is really the best explanation for the alternatives for Google Reader that I have seen...

Have once again been enjoying...Bridget's Butternut Squash recipe.  Thank u Bridget.
And this is a hoot....This studio of Calder...ha...makes me feel so right at home with the best!
 Calder Studio, Roxbury, CT, 1963. Photographer Pedro Guerrero.  A big thanks to Mary Elizabeth for this encouraging photo!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That Calder photo just makes me smile! Thanks for posting it.