Monday, May 6, 2013

My Happy Life

Tiggy is no 10 years old,  he is trying to fill the gap.  He is a Carnegie Mellon cat, brought home on an airplane by my dear daughter when she was in college.  Here sleeps Tiggy with me...My daughter is hiking on the Italian Riviera....sigh..
 A tree in our yard...I think it is older than I am...that brings some comfort..ha!
 Irises...from the days when I thought that fabric was not enough.  I went nuts on mail order they grow  without my help.  Just being beautiful on their own.
 Cherry tomatoes in the front garden amongst the weeds.  Mr. O'Quilts is spraying for deer.
 On this...again..rainy day in joy and I have fun.....My Ibuproben, my diet Coke, my Pandora, my cool and awesome Janome and red and white strips found whilst cleaning my mess.
 I know that red and white is so last year..but I love it.  Thought I would try out this tute from Rachel.  I see that I need to watch the slant direction.  I used the computer paper that I had on hand...8.5 by 11...and am just having fun..and using my scraps.

I drew a line on 8 papers one diagonal and on 8 the other way, glued the center strip on the line..and now..4 are done..


Teresa said...

Who said red and white was last year???? Red and White is good forever and ever - never out dated. Love you blocks. My irises are blooming like crazy now too...they were originally planted by my Dad and will always be a reminder to me of his love of beautiful flowers.

Melissa said...

Love your setup and I think your blocks are beautiful!

Sharon said...

String sewing is some of the most fun, and just using two colors makes the decisions that much easier.

Great photos of your yard, and the kitty is so cute! Isn't it funny how tightly they wind themselves up? I'm glad you have another kitty to keep you company. I was so sorry to hear of Milito's passing.

Nifty Quilts said...

Red and white is always in style!