Saturday, May 11, 2013

The party and such...

I made a laminated changing pad for Sherry's grandmother party...So excited to find adorable Cat in the Hat fabric here at the Fat Quarter shop.  One yard purchase made two changing pads.  The key to sewing with laminate is to spray baste the layers together...I self bound.  It was done in about 45 min.

How can Sherry be old enough to be a grandma?????
Looking around my sewing room I took out a project box.  Sure enough, inside a project box was a project....WOW...  I do remember how easy these blocks were and the old name..Album block.  But the new name and the tutorial source is so lost.  If anyone can help me..please do.   ooo it is from :  Bee in My Bonnet
The grandchildren had a great time with free fun at our house yesterday taking turns going down the hill.

Irish twins having a snack.
 And Pat Bravo  xxoo    Here we go again....Bijoux.  Art Gallery Fabrics.  I love you Pat Bravo.


Patchwork Daily Desire said...

They are so blessed to have you!
...and play with the best toy ever: a wheelbarrow...

See this tut, here:

smazoochie said...

I think the kids are calling it a Granny Square block.
Happy Day to you & yours, give your Mom an extra hug for me.