Monday, May 6, 2013

Money bags (not my mother) lol

Remember when I made my grandson this candy wrapper tute money pouch from an M&M bag and chalk fabric from here?

Well, some of the Easter eggs came in this my granddaughter got one too:)

Hello Kitty fabric from JoAnn's for the inside lining.
And as she gets earning her money and writing...she too, can add up the money she has.
We have done it for years...Making new fabric from scraps...the pioneer women who needed to make do, Gwen Marston and the liberated quilts and now, Victoria.  I think that the 15 Min of play with Victoria is such a great doable.
A few more pix here of dear ol' ma...Joe Nicholson singing Happy Birthday wearing the funky bday glasses that my sister found.
Mom resting up before the big shindig...
Sam's Club has been making my mother's birthday cakes for 11 years now...yum!

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