Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday night at O'Quilts.....

I am sewing!!!  Just a simple wiggle stitch on a random child's quilt...
that does not bother my shoulder.
So good to be back in the saddle..Nothing like a crisis to get the adrenaline going..

From my dear blogging friend Margaret de Missouri...Look, just look at the fabric she found.
"Stitch"...My new dear kitten, Stitch  is thrilled that not only did Margaret think of him...but someone ..actually thought of making fabric with his name. 
 Speaking of the basket by my computer.
First it was for poor 16 year old Pumpkin so she could be close.
Within hours of Pumpkin's demise, Tigger was there..
Then Stitch came and took over.
Boo here...has no compunction at all...
Clearly a sense of cuteness entitlement!!!

Boo O'Quilts....says hello....all innocent and stuff..
I had a nice talk with my son tonight.  After no communication for a calling hospitals and jails..etc, totally freaking out...grief on top of grief!
Neurotic mother....He said that he wants to be clean, but cannot do it.  He was upset that he saw on Facebook that his children  went out with their mother and her boyfriend.
I am upset for him, but have to detach.
Mom and boyfriend went through tremendous work to be clean.
 My son has not.
My daughter is ending her climbing through Utah.
They are headed to my state, Arizona tomorrow.
 I lived 9 growing up years in Phoenix including the 3 years at Arizona State.
Stay tuned!!
This week I have been advocating for the children in the schools.  I have been sleeping and wandering around in grief.  Today, the wave passed and I started sewing.

Tonight, I had a wonderful date at Cabo's Mexican food tonight:
We did crazy selfies!!!!!!  I love it...6 years old and old grandma having fun!!
The other two went to black belt training at Karate.
Dylan will not be a black belt until December.  We took advantage of our time alone.
A visit to the dollar store for a treat for him...and dinner out.
Sherry says that every 15 minutes, I need to take a break from quilting for my shoulder's sake.
I think she means drinking red wine and blogging..I mind Sherry. She is always right.!!
So now, with the darlings gone to cousins' ...I am going to sleep in my clothes and not brush my teeth.
At my age, I have certain rights!!
And so it goes in the O'Quilt's household.


Mary said...

Boo is such a cutie and it's good seeing you exercise your rights!

Mystic Quilter said...

Good to see Boo looking so well! We all have to just do what we feel like doing some times, hope you enjoyed doing your own thing!

Rachaeldaisy said...

How cute is Boo!! my goodness!!
I'm always hoping your son will make it through one day.
Love your crazy selfie :)