Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Fun HST with a Yummy Layer Cake

I have now searched high and low for my grief pre-cuts...
Swooning with disbelief at the trillions I have.
I have found 7 layer cakes.  Making it fun,
 I am going to challenge myself to make each quilt different. 
Last group was snowballed.  This group is half square triangled!!
 All made with the 10 inch layer cake.

I love the challenge of change with colors and design.
 At first I had thought I would put them all with orange, but as I started,
Pink called out too.  Navy is pleading...
 With this tute from Jenny  I was easily able to make 4 pinwheels tonight during the news.
It is changing the shape of the quilt already.

As a survivor of Hurricane Andrew in Miami, I take none of wild weather lightly.
Today, I made sure I had the supplies on hand...just in case Matthew visits Charlotte.

From my friend Terri Lynn Doten, with her permission, I share:
an ALS survivor poem
Want to write, don't know what to say
My mind is boggled, can't even pray.
Life moved on without my heart
As the beast from hell tore my world apart.
Alone I stand, alone I walk
As I watched him lose his need to talk.
Objects dropped, muscles grew weak
And finally nothing left to speak.
An empty shell of a once strong mind
Snuffed out too short by the beast unkind.
Watched helplessly as he lost his life
Had to suck up pain and watch, as his wife.
A life torn apart from a damned disease
Where there is no cure, there is no ease.
Most days I think I'm going insane
From a damned disease that eats my brain.
I can't escape the memory
Of the visions that live inside of me.
Someday there will be a cure
And on that day I'll die for sure.
ALS took his life and mine
And I'm supposed to go on just fine?.
I've lived a torture I can't describe
No matter how many words I write.
Forever scarred, forever changed
By a disease so violent and deranged.

Today, I called the ALS clinic in Charlotte to get the clinic dates for October and November.
Maybe visiting those suffering from ALS now....will help me, as well as them.
Who knows.  I have not been able to even think of that until now...
Soon it will be 18 months a widow.
I always ask my love what to do.  He tells me.  Then I ask my mother what to do.
She tells me the exact same thing....A miracle..and they are not even here.

Susie S...Thank you for your comment.  Please give me your email address so we can chat.
I just had to post tonight.  I feel so much better when I do.


Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I love those pinwheel blocks popped in with the `10" squares... they really add something extra special!

ES said...

I enjoy pre-cuts, I don't always have the time to cut! I'm hand sewing the binding onto a quilt for my mum this evening (well I will if I can put the baby down!) x