Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Animal Lover Post...and a nice supper with my mother

Welcome to 3 month old Boo.  "Boo",  cuz it is Halloween soon and he might be a ghost!!
Now, our dear Boo was neutered the day before this picture..His expression is bereft....
Love, forever lost!!
Yesterday was "Black Dog Day"  Because black dogs are 50% less likely to be adopted.
Voila..our Zoe...the best dog we have ever, ever had.
I gave her a Greenie treat!!
 Five month old Stitch is a pistol....He does not understand why 8 year old Zoe 
is not interested at playing with him!
Actually, Zoe would like Stitch to go away!!
Stitch is into the new "Cotton and Steel"
 I am way pleased that Stitch is turning out to be a quilting cat.
In 40 some years of quilting, I have never been into pre-cuts.
Now that grief got my tail, I find that they are easy, no-think items.
Actually, I also found that when Mr.O'Quilts was dying, I grieved thru online fabric bargains.
I found Layer cakes for $15, etc..etc..and yardage, especially on Hancock's of Paducah site
for $2.99 and $3.99 a yard with free shipping coupons...It was so much cheaper than talk therapy.

They are hidden everywhere...instead of M&M chocolate.
My grief pre-cuts.

With the previous batch, I snowballed the corners.
With this batch, I am going to HST them...
That is if Stitch will give me a break!

Today I went to a funeral.
It was hard.  Doing the right thing is often hard.
After, friends invited me to join them for dinner.
When I got to the restaurant, there were no seats left.
So I said my goodbyes...despite of No No No.
I started to cry when I realized that they were mostly couples.
As I drove home, I passed my mother's favorite restaurant.
A Mexican restaurant.  
I decided to eat supper with my mother.
For at least 10 years after my mother moved to Charlotte from Arizona, we ate at this Mexican Restaurant
First, she had a cane.  Then she had a walker.  Then she had a wheelchair.  Then...
We ate the same thing each time.
We sat in the same booth each time.
The waiters came to love her.
They called her Abuelita Preciousa.

When she no longer was able to get out of the car on her own,
 the waiters would come to the car and lift her into her wheelchair and push her in.
 Once she was in that state, we sat in a table instead of a booth.
I sat in that same table tonight.
We always looked at the same big beautiful Oak trees across the road and talked about life..
Here are the my mother and like me...
A few storms have rendered them not so spiffy  any more.
I watched the trees tonight..ate my enchiladas and drank a beer...
Skol  Mom...
I miss you so.


Mary said...

Boo is such a cutie. I hope Zoe and Stitch come to some kind of accommodation.

Mystic Quilter said...

Boo is a little beautie! Great company for Stitch and hopefully they should get along well. Good on you for adopting Zoe regardless of the fact that she was a black dog - dogs are part of the family, they give us comfort as we comfort them when they are in need. I'm pleased you and the grandchildren have these friends to keep you all company and give you love.

Ellen Guerrant said...

I love the story about your mother. I thought I saw mine the other day in the grocery store. I don't think I'll ever stop missing mine.