Sunday, October 23, 2016

That slender thread thing...

There is good news in life...and then.....there is not.
Yesterday, I voted with a 20 minute pleased.
 My girl on adventure in the Utah mountains.  I think that they have climbed or biked in all the national parks in Utah!!!
And, here they go.....making me homesick....for our Arizona.
The grief continues...especially with the good doctor's death yesterday.
In just 30 hours, one more widow was created...a wonderful friend of mine.
I hate that she is on this awful journey.
I am back to staying in bed all day and eating candy corn.
Life as we know it, changes in an instant..
What cheers  me????  My daughter of course.
Don't you love this:  From their tent in Utah...address...
Halloween gifts....She must have found a quilting girl!!!
And honey straws for the children.
Evan will come with me to the funeral..He loved the good doc.
I am quite irritated at life now...Praying to get to the place where I can accept life as it is.
My funeral outfit is wearing thin..


Mary said...

I hope to vote this coming week. Keep on keeping on.

smazoochie said...

Honey straws? I don't know about those. Must learn.
My sympathies for your doctor. It isn't fair, but sadly, it is the human path.
A dear old woman from work recently passed away. My boss, just months older than me, a widow for about 5 years now, went last Saturday to the funeral. She was running late, signed the guest book & tip-toed in. She saw some people she knew, nodded hello, then looked at the program. She did not know the deceased man, was a week early for our friend's funeral.
All we can do in life is love one another & laugh when we can.

http://thankfullga447 said...

So sorry that you have to go to another funeral, I know how difficult it is for you. Love the honey sticks. Bad days, bad weeks happens; perhaps Tuesday will be better.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm saddened to hear your sad news. What a special parcel of love all the way from a tent in Utah! Life really can be a mix of good and bad.