Sunday, October 30, 2016

Life's Processes.....

Really, quilting is like start with one thing and end up with something else.
This is still in process, but the side borders should be on by tomorrow.
And the top will be done.
 I started here, messing around with the layer cake and half square triangles.
The funeral this past week almost did me in.
How in the world can someone just fall and die?????
A thousand people at that funeral..same church of my husband's funeral.
I love that family..
After sleeping forever this weekend, today I sat outside with gratitude.
Staying in the present and realizing, once again, that I am not in charge in this world.
I saw the sun come through the new oak tree, now mostly yellow.
 And of course, getting used to each our Boo and our Stitch.
They are in the basket right by my computer...bringing such joy..
Tomorrow is the big day....OMG  around our house, the children are thrilled.
 It used to be my favorite holiday.
Without my dear man, not so much.... anymore.
My niece is coming to hand out candy.
The children will go Trick or Treating with their mother and her boyfriend.
And I will sew.
Of course, I may have to test the candy that comes in....for safety

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Rachaeldaisy said...

I love the way your quilts evolve. There's some really great pinwheel action going on there. Life is nuts sometimes, just nuts, for no reason. I'll be looking out for your photos of the children dressed in halloween costumes. Big Rachael hugs to you Diane.