Friday, October 14, 2016

The Daily Snippet..

Velcro!!! in patriotic colors...Love!!
A Joanne's fabric sale special..
Today I decided to wear my grandfather's bolo tie..
It is probably 70 to 80 years old
Since my daughter is headed to Arizona where I grew up.
I just wanted to be part of the action...from my recliner!!!

 Six year old Dylan brought this home from school.
It is on paper..but soon...I will have him make it on fabric...
I just love it.
Good things on this sad day of 18 months without my dear man.
A dark picture...but you get the message...
Today Boo was released from confinement...He is all better from his cold!!
Who is in charge?...Boo of course...the bully Stitch, now runs for
Boo is dressed in white for the upcoming Halloween ghost!!  He is 4 months.
Stitch is 6 months...
Kittens....It was a great decision..they are a joy.!!!
Then, my girl..and her man...
 A tiny cabin...better than a tent??, in Escalante, Utah...
On adventure.... Utah still.....
My friends to the rescue, on this anniversary day.....lunch out!
Yesterday, quilters to Cabos
Today, widows to Pio Pio...
Now, that I am off steroids and better from asthmatic bronchitis..
Maybe this upcoming week will be more uplifting.
My love would not want me in such despair...
He would be grateful for all the support I get from all of you..


ES said...

18 months already, time really marches on. My little Fyn is going to be One year old on Friday! I can't believe it! I might even get him a cake if I can keep my eyes open, he's not the greatest sleeper! X

Karaquilts said...

Oh, I love the tiny cabin ~ ~ sometimes I think it would be great fun to live in one ~ ~ but then where would I quilt and store fabric?? I'd have to have a shed and that would defeat the purpose :):)

Being sick or in pain, taking strong meds, all combine to making it hard to keep your head up ~ ~ I'm sure this will be a better week coming up!! hugs ~ ~

Mystic Quilter said...

Happy to see Boo no longer confined and obviously feeling much better, I'm also pleased to to see that you are recovered and off your steroids, not too bad for a short blast but a devil to deal with if they're taken for years. Your daughter seems to be having a wonderful adventure and sends these lovely snaps for you to enjoy.

smazoochie said...

18 months, I'm sure it seems at once a blink & an eternity.
I hope you are feeling better now.