Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Beginning of the O'Quilt Family Christmas

Merry Christmas from the O'Quilt family in Charlotte, North Carolina!
Here we have Lynsey leaving the milk and cookies and carrots out for Santa.
 She is reading to us, her letter to Santa. She is quite happy that he put her on his "good" list even though she had had some "iffy" times when she was mean spirited..
She thanks him for forgiving her and hopes he and his reindeer have a safe trip tonight.
She understands what a hard job he has with big, heavy bags to be carried all over the world.
Stunning hand made presents from my quilting birthday party last week..
Our talented Eithne with an Irish "Happy Christmas Diane" embroidered on the front.
Always a reminder that my dear Irish Mr.O'Quilts is with me in spirit.
If you look closely there is also an embroidered Santa in gold on the stocking!!!!
Just look how Linda did a clever presentation of charms...all sewn into a fruit bag.
Drenna made me a bag to carry shoes on quilting trips
And made this card for me.
Muggs made an apron with my favorite flower, sunflower.
All the chocolate and vino tinto make this a tight fit of love.
I am not allowed to spill on it...

And so it goes...I have tons more to show.
However, tomorrow early am, there is quite a time coming.
Not that I will be rested, but I had better go on to bed now.
Me and My Best Friend
working at the chocolate factory!!!!!
Until then, I am looking forward to my SIL cooking yummy Christmas breakfast
and watching the joy of Christmas in the eyes of my grandchildren.


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mystic Quilter said...

Hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day!!