Friday, December 1, 2017

December Begins

My birthday month means that every day of December, I plan to do something special.
The LED tree I bought last year after Christmas sales at Target.
LED has an odd glow, but I love the white balls...still thinking on how to decorate it.
The decorating has just barely begun....
 This artificial white tree as purchased  four years ago when the children came to live with us, 
and it was clear that Mr. O'Quilts could no longer put up a live tree.
Even though, it probably has seen its day, the children love here it stands...with love.
 My disappearing nine patch, showcasing favorite Christmas fabric
..And the heart tree Marie made me forever ago.
It has always been a favorite.
In Granddaddy's bathroom are the trees I bought at an antique store near
MP's lake  house last year...good memories are what Christmas is about. 
 Patterns from BHG magazine in the 1970's.
My grandmother embroidered them and I hand quilted it.
 Boo in the box!!!
 Sad and blue, I struggle with grief this time of year.
What fixes it...sewing...just got my bottom end out of the recliner and..
Into the sewing room...putting the fabric together for a potholder.
 From Quilted Castle on Cyber Monday came a deal I just could not resist.
I know, I know....I am counting the pennies and Christmas is here..
But......I loved them so and they were "almost free"....little snippets of color and joy.
Whenever the children leave for the weekend, I cry.
I miss them already, as the car drives off.
But, I know I need the time to rest  Stupid hip replacement surgery.!!!!
And..on it goes.
The children are growing older and they are starting to push back about leaving for the weekend.
Evan wants to play with his friends.
Lynsey wants time alone to play in her own room, by herself with her dolls.
But, when the weekend comes...happily they go off to their mommy's house
or to their cousin's  house.
I am grateful for the support.
There will be a time when their needs will have to come first before mine.
That will be OK when the time comes.

P.S  Did  I mention how much I miss Mr. O'Quilts?


Dora, the Quilter said...

I remember when that cat quilt was published and may even have it somewhere in my archives. I loved it even if I was allergic to cats,

Karaquilts said...

I love seeing all of your fun little decorations ~ ~ and I especially like the starkness of the LED tree ~ ~ sort of exemplifies "winter" to me. Hmm. Just like your aloneness feels like a "winter" in your life ~ ~

I miss Mr O'Quilts with you/for you!!! and I love that you and the children can share in so many ways. You're all good for each other.

Barb said...

wonderful decorations.
I really like the embroidered red and white - just perfect for Christmas