Thursday, December 7, 2017

Just Never Leave Me Out!!!!!

Sherry's birthday fun
Presents made by me..:  snack bag lined with rip stop.
Sherry loves camping...This fabric is so adorable.
 Clear plastic golden glitter...from Cousin Ann in London.
It makes a great little bag.
Both bags close with colored Velcro

Dearest of dear friends in my ALS group totally understands my grief..
She travels the very same saddest road.
Voila, the birthday present she sent me today!!!!
OMG...How does she know me so well.
xoxox BarBara

I say Happy Holidays because I want to be included in every single celebration.
I just love a holiday and I just love a party!!!
Merry Christmas is my favorite.

I asked my son to come for a few hours this afternoon to put up the outside Christmas lights.
The minute the children got home, they got all cranky with old grandma.
You just invite Daddy over to do work when we want to play with him.
He is just here for a few hours, as it is two hours each way on the bus for him..
OMG...I can never win.
But....they were thrilled when the lights were up.
Dylan is only 7, but he is his daddy's kid...great work ethic, great ideas!!
Here he is in the tree helping arrange the lights.

Good news from my ortho guy today.
He said that he is so pleased with the x-ray results of  my hip surgery.
...... all the resting I did helped me heal. is the time to get moving...OH...NO..
I just love my recliner!!
...The joints on my other side will have to be replaced eventually,
but, for now they look good...TBTG
He agreed with my PCP, that all my fatigue was the accumulation of
my life's stressors....I do not know what they mean???
Do you??
A fun trip to IKEA with my group found these.
At about $1.57 each, they are perfect pillows for the kids to cover for teacher or thank you presents.
Way cheaper than making pillows myself.
Scandinavian...IKEA   love...
 The lights are up, the kids in bed and Stephanie and her man took  my son to the bus stop
Now, Grandma has some time alone..
Making her survival festive...this lady added pomegranates to her glass of beer...
Way to go Grandma O'Quilts!!!!
This is the season for peace...for now anyway I will enjoy


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Two very pretty and useful bags. That is good news from your hip doctor, you just need to take it carefully. Seeing their dad helping you is great for the grandies. I need to go to IKEA but it's a bit too icy and snowy this morning. The cushions are a brilliant idea. I have nearly finished decorating for Christmas. I've lost my tatted snowflakes for the little table tree. Pomegranates are good for you, well done for getting extra fruit.

Cjsmimi said...
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Cjsmimi said...

Thank you for my first morning SMILE! Everything you report sounds pretty good...especially healing well. Love IKEA, too, although much is from China now. :( I like seeing Dylan in the tree...all boy! Love and blessings, friend

Mary said...

I have yet to visit an Ikea store, but I suspect it would be a very dangerous place for my pocketbook! Love the bags and your friend really knows how to make you smile!

Karaquilts said...

Oh how I love a morning visit with the O'Quilts gang! Great start to a full and busy day :) I'm so pleased you invited your son to help (a great example to growing children!!!) and that he came and that the lights are lit with joy.

and what good news from your ortho ~ ~ don't worry about that other hip right now, just enjoy the improvement from this surgery for a while!

Blessings for your day ~ ~