Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Night Note

Amidst me and my stuff, I managed to bind a quilt.
One that Terri quilted for me when my shoulder went south.
I feel a sense of accomplishment all over again.
I am working on a small gift for a birthday.
It has to be perfect because the person is perfect.
Alas, it is not.  Sigh..
Tonight putting 8 year old Lynsey to bed, she wanted to talk about death.
She is afraid that her mother's outside cat will die in the cold
She remembers how much she loved Granddaddy who she watched die of ALS
And her other grandmother who, at 50 died from drugs.
And my mother who fell out of her wheelchair and broke her neck....and why didn't she ring her call button for help...and what does Parkinson's do to someone anyway?.
Still my heart as I thought of her son...all homeless shooting Heroin.
His death could bring more trauma to us all.
Please, take care of Eamon

I tried to get a tute from Ellison Lane blog...Jennifer has retired from blogging and told  me that her tutes are all gone...soooo frustrating.  I had thought that they would stay on my Evernote forever..ugh

A lovely visit today from the wife, of the now retired, bee keeper..
It cheered me right up

Please enjoy a few laughs as ......


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

That quilt is so effective, I can see lovely patterns. the recipient will be thrilled. Answering awkward questions, deciding how to word it, to be honest but age appropriate is a tricky one.

Cjsmimi said...

Each of your quilts is a masterpiece, friend. Don't ever question that.