Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Surprises

The lovely Christmas 
 My daughter made a stocking for me, filling it with goodies.
Starting out of course with that demon Kale...a Merry Kalemas, 
Better still were fat quarters and a walking foot for my travel machine.
I love my daughter.

Christmas was perfect...a lot due to my daughter and her husband...He cooked the holiday roasts and breakfast...and I was able to relax..finally....on Christmas eve.
Last minute finishes...
A see through bag made from Cousin Ann's sparkly London vinyl
This was for my dear girl.
This holds a snack pack decorated with chickens...My girl loves chickens..
Inside..  new seam rippers and new rotary blades.
All for her digs in Portland.
For my sister.....the wrapping paper vinyl zippy bag that was a total failure.
 First, I applied clear iron-on vinyl to only one side, lined it and zippered it.
The wrapping paper ripped.
I did not give up.
 Next, I ironed vinyl on both sides, it still ripped and was impossible to turn inside out.
UGH...TBTG my sister's birthday is not until Wednesday.
I have successfully used this method on candy bags..
I.guess they are made much stronger.
I learned the hard more wrapping paper bags.
Christmas dinner for nine..
Happy children...Little Critter house for Lynsey
Emily decorated with Christmas lights and a lighted miniature tree.
 New I-pad for Dylan
 Of course....old Zoe..cataracts and white beard
still showing off the Christmas spirit, patient and kind..

 The bitter sweet angst was my son.
He wanted to come to Christmas.
I had to say no....No because last time he was in such bad shape on drugs that he made us all cry.
No because he is making no attempt to get clean and sober.
No because when he is under the influence,, sometimes he can be frightening.
I want to protect both my grands and myself from those kinds of things.
I had to say no...but oh, how I cried.
We all love him so much.

Just in often happens, a gift of love appears.
I have not really heard from Beth in awhile..she has kinda switched to Instagram..
She is not a big talker, like I am..
Out of the blue, she remembered my birthday.
Her kindness lifted my soul and dried my tears.
A loving mug rug...already hanging in my sewing room
 The most darling chocolate panels...finally chocolate that will not shrink my clothes.
xoxoxo Beth...u r so wonderful
 In all...a very Merry Christmas

ps tomorrow is the day...I get my abscessed wisdom tooth extracted
Pray for my bravery!!!


smazoochie said...

I’m grateful for the love that surrounded your table & so very sad & sorry for your poor lost soul. I hope 2018 will be his year of change.
You are welcome for my small tokens. I’ve not gone to Instagram but have kind of shut off.
I will try to make 2018 my year of change & keep better contact with my dear friends.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I loved reading this post, it made me feel as though I was there at the table with you all for a moment or two. I'm ever hopeful for your son too.
Your gift from Beth is so special. She's one of my favourite blog friends but I guess some of us are a little quiet on blogs these days.
Good luck with your wisdom tooth... anything to do with dentists has me shaking in my boots, I'm sure youre braver than me.