Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018...Day Two...

How is 2018 starting out????
Just sayin' was the day that I got three children up at 6am...shuffled them to the bus stop in 12 degree weather....waited for 30 minutes before I realized that there was no school today.
Winter break did not end until tomorrow!!!!
Everyone is posting their I thought I had better stay up late and have a finish for today, anyway...A quilt..all done...terrible pix I see..but it is 12:30 am.

I called our Stephanie begging her to come early to steady my quilting room, so it would have some semblance of calm my brain.
She came early alright, but it was to care for the children ..on their "no shcool" day and help them with their rooms and the time for folding sewing room fabric.

Cleaning in the archives,  appeared this pig of my grandmother's
Growing up in Sweden, her job as a young child was tending to the pigs...She always thought that they were adorable and very she collected them later in her life.
One year, we were at wit's end on what to get her for her birthday.  Found this plain pig somewhere and the whole family signed it.  My grandmother died in 1996...born in this little piggy is quite an heirloom...many others who signed it are also dead.

Last night fear came upon me for my son, homeless in freezing weather.
 After watching the news, I sent him a text...r u ok???
He called me back...Of course Mom.. Why wouldn't I be???
He said...Remember that university student that paid for a hotel for me last year so I could bathe and rest???  Well this year she bought me a tent and a minus 30 degree sleeping bag and a propane I am snug as a bug in my tent.. never have to worry about me..I am resilient
My bad...poor old Mom.worrying about her homeless son...

I read in a avoid a stolen purse, just tie your purse in the child restraint on the shopping cart.
I proud.... old Grandma...
Once to the car, I did not have the strength in my hands to unclasp it (70 years old) I had to ask a passer-by to release my safe...very safe...purse.

 A lovely package came today from Florida and my friend Judy...
She made me her special cookies...which arrived all intact..
Such love.
She also sent me some lotion.
I got the biggest kick out of the brand....Dead Sea lotion.
Ha ha appropriate for turning 70!!

Blue Nickles...Creating when you are on the rainy side of life
I love this guy...right up front and very creative.

Now, lets see what January 3rd brings for the O'Quilt family...


Cjsmimi said...

Love your stories and love you. The baby quilt top is lovely...fabrics that remind me of you and your creativity. That University girl...God blesses in amazing ways, doesn't He? You worry, I worry, we are normal. Your son is in my prayers, too. 2018 and the idea of a brand new year ahead makes me joyful (for some reason)! ;-)

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Best wishes for a happy healthy new year. So pleased you had some positive news about your son. I hope you and your family have an amazing 2018.

Mystic Quilter said...

Goodness I had a laugh about the saga of your safe purse whilst out shopping!!Do you have any of those tasty looking cookies left??