Monday, January 22, 2018

Turning that Itsy Bitsy Baby Corner..

Starting with the old standby Valentine quilt.
Just to get ready for the season...early, just like Walmart!!!
I had better get started on another...this one is getting old..
This morning started with a blessing from my Fintan.
He brought the most stunning sunrise as we headed to the bus stop.
Eamon, Happy 33rd birthday to you.
We all love you so.
Last night,Evan made his daddy's cake himself.
Today, I continued the family tradition of making 7 minute frosting.
Just like my grandmother before me made.
I have finished all the four patches for this quilt

My girl sent me this grief book...I am grateful and relieved to read  it.
So working on my identity and my life.
Who am I now and what can I do for the last part of my life?
I wanted to go to the women's march Saturday with my friends.
I cannot walk without pain and I do not have the energy.
I could not go.
I so wanted to go to the antique mart.
Same deal...wobbly on my cane.
I am now a disabled widow.

So trying to find what I can do, so I can continue my life.
Most important thing is I am a bad ass grandma.
My grands are so the best..
They are thriving and doing so well.  So proud of them.

Saturday was a first step, turning a small corner.
I have accepted that I can no longer roller skate, nor walk the length of Manhattan.
I can no longer travel the world, hardly even my city without help.
But, I can sew.. and create..and love..
My passion for life includes creating with fabric..color and design
And, Ellen, I still have your directions for dying fabric with Kool Aid.
Saturday, with lots of help from my friends, I had a vacation.
A vacation of 4 hours.
I made myself glad, so very glad.
The Charlotte Quilter's Guild..sit and sew... 
My quilting peeps.
I thank you.

I have signed up for a conference to keep my license.
I may just sign up for a quilting workshop.
Saturday, I found my friend, Kathy with her Blue Bell.
Little Blue
 ( She calls  her machine, Blue Bell, I call mine, Little Blue.)
Look what she did!!! She took poster board, glued three empty spools to the bottom to stabilize ,
cut a hole for the feed and off she went free motion quilting...A very clever Kathy!!!

Showing a little fun from Lynsey's first play date ever... Now that I have a bit more energy.
 Third graders made slime and had a blast...
Of course, Stephanie supervised..not old grandma.
So much fun!!!
My sister loves me too...she tried  her best tonight to help me organize
Just for tonight, things are in bags.
As for tomorrow????
Just to know, there is joy, not just tears.
I think they call!


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful post. Question? I'm crazy about unique recipes, what's 7 minute frosting & how do you make it, if you don't mind sharing?

Mystic Quilter said...

Happy you were able to share Eamon's birthday with him! Beautiful sunrise there Diane, what a joyfull way to begin the day.