Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy = Creating

Sweethearts Quilt  From Cloud 9 Fabrics..a free tute..so cute and easy.
Cloud 9 has other adorable free tutorials too.
The cute pastel doggies are from 40 years ago.
I bought them in Germany and never wanted to use them.
At my new age..time is so running out!!!....Ha!!
Looking here at flannel scraps..Mixing them with quilting cotton for St Louis 16 patch
made with 4 inch strips.  I was going to mix them all for an easy baby quilt...but now I think I will keep pink with pink and blue with blue.

For Rhonda, who has encouraged me all thru my grief.
MY grandmother's cookbook and the 7 minute frosting recipe.
Grandma always put this on our angel food cakes for birthdays.

My 12 year old grand had the nasty mouth going on this morning..OMG
I grounded him for it, which made the mouth worse.
He emailed me several times from school saying he was sorry.
I said, I accept sorry. You still have to have your consequences, which I listed.
Once home, he trimmed my front garden, he made 10 bobbins for me and folded fabric on shelves.
All without attitude.
I was so happy, I set him free...wahoo...

The difference in children....Lynsey is 8.  She does all her homework herself..no need for me to harp.
Her idea of fun, is to put a quilt in the yard with her dolls and read a book for herself and one to her dolls...love..

The seven year old is his father's son.  He loves to work and figure things out.  However, he is much more easy going than his daddy..TBTG

I am grateful for a good day.  Nice to be at the top of the wave.
The POOL After a year of surgeries, they still love me..
All of this has changed my hair to grey..., Bingo,..Overnight.it seems.
Lunch out, a nap and sewing.
Soo happy

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Karaquilts said...

7 Minute Frosting! What a host of memories! My recipe also came from my grandmother and my mother ~ ~ and my daughter still requests it for her heart-shaped Birthday/Valentine cake ~ ~ fluffy pink frosting is a requirement for the heart-shaped 2-layer cake. I confess to not having made it for a couple of years, but it's actually the only frosting I ever make since I don't actually bake cakes anymore!! But Valentine's day is coming and though she's going to be 45 years old this year (just HOW did that happen???) she will still want the heart cake and pink 7 minute frosting :)

I like envisioning you on the top of the wave and to think of you in the pool with friends. Keep on going! You will get better ~ ~ not younger, sigh, but stronger and more confident in your movements! Smile on!