Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Jalapeno Pepper

My life is like a Mexican lunch.  Eating away, enjoying the day, when out of the blue, a bite into the hidden jalapeno pepper changes everything.....
Grief the ocean waves..
So what to do??? NOT do the UFO or WIP
Start something new...
Here are two baby quilts I started today.  Both are a mix of flannel and quilting cotton.
My left hand has a tremor so sometimes the picture is a bit out of me.
 I wish I could concentrate on being creative.
Until then..I am having fun just sewing

Winter can be beautiful.
Zoe agrees, as we were able to sit outside today and read a bit.
 I kept thinking that someone was in my house today.
Voila...there from the laundry room, was Baby Alive speaking Spanish.
And, loudly...she is now banished to the garage.
Stitch and Boo are the jealous Zoe and I enjoy outside.
Next Friday, I am going to an ethics workshop.
Putting together some handwork to pass the time
I miss my Fintan.  He is everywhere but here with me.
Someone told me that he was an angel working on life's problems from above.
That would be just like him.


Karaquilts said...

A Jalapeno Pepper!! You are such a poet, just like your Mother!

Oh, how I understand, in the midst of finally completing some very long awaited UFO's, I dive into something new and think it's only going to be a quick diversion. Well, we'll see what happens.

Quilting is an action of our souls, not a chore on a job list. I have discovered that the UFO's are good at waiting. They will be there for us tomorrow :):) and you probably aren't reading on the deck today if your weather is like ours. Very drear out today ~ ~ perfect creative weather for my melancholy self. Wishing you some creating again today. I really like the pleasing baby quilts. They're happy and comforting.

Angie in SoCal said...

I so agree. That's why I signed up for the challenge 6 & 6 for 2018 - six new and six old. Just right. I enjoyed your post. I'll be back. Thanks for coming by to my blog.