Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Grandma O'Quilts gets to sew

The pillowcase story.

A friend of mine...hmm...is sad...so sad..
.Her husband was deported a year ago.
He came to this country when he was 17.  He married and has four children...He was here 20 years, built a wonderful business, has a five bedroom house, paid taxes...One day, as he was leaving for work, coffee in hand..ICE came to his door.  He spent 5 months in an Atlanta detention center and then off he went to a country he had not seen in forever to relatives that are now dead.  His children are all young American citizens, now with anxiety.  What to do??  I can do nothing....just made four pillowcases..cozy flannel to spread the love.

I bordered this baby top tonight...
 I think it will be ok, with an orange binding...I am going to back it in this cute green print.
Girl???  Boy???
I am out of sugar...so I ate Lynsey's cookies...guess I am off to the grocery store tomorrow.

The O'Quilt family has two kids down with aches and pains, stomach, head and body.
No fever.and no head cold.  TBTG they all got their flu shots.
Tonight I was planning on a self-absorbed evening when our....
 Stephanie encouraged me to go to the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild meeting.
I was sooo glad I went.
 I came home inspired by the quilts and the friends and the quilting.

Tomorrow's plans:  To cut strips to choose a border for this fun one patch of mine.

My girl and her man have bought a 1910 house in Portland, Oregon.
They will be so busy now bringing it up to their expectations.
Good news is so very wonderful.
Worry free...my goal for the year..
Role model....Stitch.


Mystic Quilter said...

So very sorry to hear about the troubles your friend has had, does this sort of thing happen often?
Hoping that the two who are sick are back fit and well very soon - buy you will have to replace those cookies!! Happy to read that you enjoyed the meeting at the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild - we will be seeing something in QuiltCon soon????

Karaquilts said...

I hate the deportation stories, but I also think it important for us to hear them ~ ~ I don't know anyone who has been affected by the ICE actions, so I NEED to hear them from my friends ~ ~ and continue to put faces on the heart-breaking stories. Your pillowcases are a good gift of walking the journey with your friends. Good for you.

I always feel better after a good encounter with fellow quilters ~ ~ the creative energy and wonderful inspiration can be a boon for days and weeks to come. so glad you were able to make yourself go ~ ~ and came home to finish up another fun and playful quilt. Can't wait to see what you will do with this next one!

Angie in SoCal said...

So sad about your friend. Prayers for all of them. Yes, the flu is hitting a lot of people who got the shot. It was less effective than other years, however it has lowered the severity for those who did get it. I know of three people who got it and wound up with pneumonia. That's one relaxed cat.

Ellen Guerrant said...

You are good people, Diane. The very best!