Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Seventh Grade Dance and other memorable things...

Evan's first dance.
Ready to go...all clean and tidy, posing for pictures.
Grandma is so excited for him.
His mommy came just in time to blow dry his hair.
His Grandma had to rush to the store for new trousers...2 sizes up.
He promised he would get a hair trim next week.
Grandma here, trying to choose her battles..
Evan is 12, 13 in June.
PS  He does NOT plan to dance...that would be too "weird"
He wanted to be so perfect, he would not let the dog or cats near him.
His buddy's mom picked him a sleep over at their house.
Growing up, my boy and his grades are improving..whew...
Today, I finished this insulated casserole holder for my 8 inch Pyrex.
My friend Sherry sells them at
Sherry Lynn Fabrics
They are so great to pass hot dishes at dinner.

Dear Muggs has only had her embroidery machine a few weeks.
Here is my gift.. A flour sack tea towel. Amazing work.

I am so happy my grands are flourishing.
It does take a village.

Still so have the worst tooth ache.
No one can figure it out.
It shows on no x-ray.
I have been sent twice to have it extracted.
Actually no one knows which tooth it is.
I wanted all of them extracted on that side...pain..
The oral surgeon refused, saying my teeth are healthy.
They say I am grinding my teeth.
I so do not believe it.
Of course I do not believe I snore either.
I have no dental insurance.  When my husband died, he took that with him too.
Because I do not work, I cannot  hitch on to a group plan.
Crazy American insurance, especially for the senior set..
I am posting this again, in case anyone has a suggestion.
Enough on the whine...

My relatives are all snowed in in Ireland.
We had Carolina blue skies with crisp air today.
Not that we have not had our snow days...and always inopportune !!!
My bro is in New Jersey and my cousin is in Massachusetts.
All awaiting the next big storm.

Tomorrow the baby shower for my XDIL
Her children are quite excited for baby Ava, due in a few weeks.

I have survived tonight..
Started a new book and sewed.
Life can be good.


Julie said...

I feel like a mouse peeking in to your life. I am so honored that you share these joys with us. Good things. Life keeps going, children grow, and we do get through. Pain is part of love. Without the down, there is no up. But teeth that hurt are complicated, and surely you are already using even a basic splint from the pharmacy, I hope. Tooth and jaw pain, frozen jaw, headaches, and on and on. Heat packs helped me more than anything, though they say ice too. Ibuprofen, too. Massaging the whole face yourself, too! Forehead, around the eye orbits and brow, your scalp. We keep tension in all these areas. Practice basic relaxation and breathing starting with 5 minutes at a time. Your body has had enough. I know you are doing your very best, and I think you are simply amazing! (((hugs))) You will manage this too.

smazoochie said...

The grand people your former little ones are becoming!
Yes it takes a village, but the village has a mayor & the mayor needs to take care of herself, too.
Regarding toothache & grinding your teeth: I got a mouth guard for the same problem. I would call it clenching my jaw more than grinding my teeth, but it resulted in aching teeth. The guard from the dentist was a bit expensive, maybe $100, but I think over-the-counter ones exist. I don’t use mine all the time. And it has sort of trained me to relax my jaw.