Sunday, March 11, 2018

And...The Winner is.....

 This morning I rose to find my lovely Lynsey watching "Bake it" on her I-Pad.
Zoe content to sleep at the foot of her bed...probably dreaming of cakes.
Also dolly in her baby carrier on the American girl car.
Everyone enjoying their private day.
Having a child who can entertain herself is such a gift.
That trait will do her well in life.
Yesterday wiped me out.
I had four great days...and now exhausted???
Me thinks I had better see this as progress rather than disappointment.

The winner is:  Lynsey and Grandma.
We won the best door prize at the quilt show.
Debbie delivered it tonight.
This awesome handmade tissue box.
I love it so...It already has tissues in it.

 This hand appliqued reproduction quilt block...wonderful!!
 an interesting rotary cutter.
Hand died fabric to use with my repros...

Evan is home  He had a wonderful weekend with his mother..not too sick, I notice,
but he loved being the only one there.
And Dylan was the only one at his cousins' house.
Winners all...

Can you believe I won a door prize????
Thanks to Drenna who bought me the ticket..
And Debbie who delivered it.

Wish us all good luck getting up in the morning with daylight savings.

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Karaquilts said...

Ohhhh, congratulations on your win! and on your delightful weekend companion. Glad for each of you ~ ~ and I agree with you on the ability to amuse oneself. Never bored, never lonely, ~ ~ always easier to live with!

I think we're all struggling today ~ ~ I H A T E time change. my least favorite day/week of the year. It's torture every time. Think I'll take a nap.