Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mrs. O'Quilts Makes Baby Things

My XDIL is providing a new sister for my three grands
Baby due March 27....or tonight...who knows...My XDIL is huge!
My sister and I joined in the baby shower fun
I made:
I did not use this tute.  I just put it  here so you get the idea.
I bought a package of facecloths at Marshalls.
I cut the edges off, then right sides together with pretty fabric, leaving space to turn.
Once turned...I top-stitched...voila
Pacifier lanyards (note baskets from Nancy's basket bazaar.)

I cannot find the tute for this...but there are a million of them.  I used my coupons at JoAnns for the clip, again..there are other choices online.  Mainly cutting 4 inch wide by 18 inches..ironing in half, pressing edges toward the middle to make an inch strip, top stitching both sides... I put velcro to loop thru the pacifier and sewed the clip thru the loop...It all took about 10 min each.

After making the self-binding receiving blanket above, I found that the simple
right sides together flannel..suggested by our one I like much better.

Money has become very very tight here...Never having worried about money before,  I am shocked to find that raising three grandchildren on  a fixed income is quite the challenge.
We are going to have to stop all outside activities and watch our pennies...the older they get, the more expensive they wishing their parents would kick in some dough..not happening..
Anyway....I was delighted to have fun making these presents with things I had on hand.
Also, teaching values to my darlings.. Money is important, but made with love is better.
I am alone in my journey.
I vow that we will  be OK

Today was a day...after my nap...or two...I was able to jacket up
and read outside in our wonderful Carolina Blue...skies
Life is good...even Stitch got outside time with Zoe and me.

 I am realizing that I worked all my life..for the joy of napping and doing what I wanted..
Which seems to be...sitting on the porch in the sun and reading.
Why now am I guilty when I do this?
Time is running out around here...
I certainly do not want to clean.

And...FYI, again fromMissouri
dog bed

Nice to report...a restful weekend.


Mystic Quilter said...

Sitting on the porch and reading, soaking up the early Spring sun, this is the best thing you could do, just relax and enjoy!

Teresa said...

really nice, pretty and best of all, useful baby gifts. You are a great grandma to take on raising your grandkids.