Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Month of March

"March on.  Do not tarry.
To go forward is to move toward perfection."
         --Kahlil Gibran

A friend of mine gave me two quilting pins from her mother's estate.
In memory, I added them to my name tag..xo

The weekend that my grandgirl and I spent together alone was way too awesome.
She LOVES to play alone
In fact she is bothered that the  house beside us is for sale.
"What if kids move in and they knock on our door and bother us
when we want to play alone"  says my introvert...Oh, my
For hours and hours, she played with her dolls.
 Her dolls went on Disney cruises, in airplanes...they fought with each other, they played with their pets..they had lunch...I read and she played...I love her so.

It looks like I will be spending Easter alone.
It is especially stressful as this is the 3rd anniversary time..of the death of dear Mr. O'Quilts.
I must find a different way this time to celebrate.
What is Mrs. O'Quilts to do???  Hmmmm

The purple celebration on Wednesday night.
We randomly drew from each others bags...
We have a bag for Cousin Ann, for Jean and for Carol.
Purple blocks and purple outfits.
All fun with no purple

I finished the above gifting baby quilt...all washed and labeled
Flannel and quilting cotton...perfect.
Below...fabric that somehow came in the mail.
I really love my mailperson.
The foxes are flannel...sigh.
 Valentines and turtles...

You HAVE to watch this one..
100 ways to hide your stash

Ann Garner.....Thank you for your encouragement...Please give me your email so I can thank you properly!

St Paddy's Day was so important in my family that we kept the children home from school.
Now, Mr. O'Quilts is gone
For me...also is dulled is the thrill of the day.
Everyone celebrates with their family.
I had my beer alone.
I was surprised at the grief trigger.
Lynsey had the best time walking in the parade/
Dylan loved watching it too.
I was glad when the children came home so we could play  Old Maid and Canasta.

Today...the rainy day brought a funeral.
The three children and I went to a memorial service for the dad of one of their friends...a neighbor who died from pneumonia after the flu.
Just terrible.
It was so packed, standing room only.

They misbehaved..probably due to the fear and sadness.and the crowds and the fact that their own father had just visited.
He had been quite sick, in withdrawal.  He scared us all.
Uncle Steve kindly picked them up at the funeral for a visit with the cousins.

And I came home to find my adorable  SIL pressure washing my house.
He had been sent here for work from Portland.
He removed the mildew, took me to lunch and then took his plane back to Portland.
Baby me cried when he left.

Going out to a meeting tonight and to MP's party, I found that my car would not start.
It had to be towed.
Enough already!!

Planning now to laugh with Frankie and Grace with a lovely vino tinto.
Life is good after all.


Karaquilts said...

Wow! I am exhausted from your emotionally busy time ~ ~ I hope you get to just be and recover for a couple of days after all of that!

and I am pleased to see how the purple party turned out ~ ~ I so wanted to participate, but will have to enjoy it vicariously this time! Purple is such a wonderful color for many things, but especially for quilts. I might be overdue to find something purple to create!

I love the Lynsey photo display ~ ~ so lovely and fun and dreamy. What a sweet girl you have. My precious "gran-girl" is always making and making and making. Today it was fabric roses ~ ~ and she knows how to use pinterest and wikipedia to figure things out and make them on her own. We are very blessed Grans to have such special girls. (the boys have their moments, too, but these girls are something :):)

Mary said...

I can't believe how busy your life is. The video brought a smile to my face, but made the squirm at the same time.